Judge issues cease-and-desist order to Hobby Lobby in Dallas County, TX

by DCG

The good judge who issued this order is Clay Jenkins. From his Twitter bio: “Chief Elected Official of Dallas County. 2nd Largest County in the Lone Star State. Known in TX as the County Judge. Home to 2.6 million.”

He ordered a Hobby Lobby store closed. Read the Order here.

Apparently there’s some rhyme and reason as to what businesses local governments determine are “essential.”

Liquor stores are open. Some liquor stores also sell food so that’s why they are deemed “essential.”

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Home Depots are open because they sell supplies like plexiglass, which businesses in my town have had to install at checkout counters.

Wouldn’t Hobby Lobby be deemed essential since they sell fabric that people may need to make masks?

If the liquor stores, Home Depots and Wal-Marts can implement healthy/safe practices to be open, then why can’t Hobby Lobby? The judge explained (in some tweet that I can’t find now) that it’s about making sure less people get sick so they don’t get overrun at hospitals (basically bed capacity). The local governments are shutting down businesses based on predictions and models.

Our economy is in for a world of HURT in about a couple more weeks..




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