I Am Asking The Justice Department For A Special Counsel On The Seth Rich Murder. Seth Rich Tweeted That He Did Not Trust Hillary Clinton One Bit!

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by Pamela Williams
The murder investigation of Seth Rich has been mishandled and blatantly botched.  I do not know how his parents are withstanding this miscarriage of justice against Seth.  All one has to do is to examine each aspect of the nonexistent investigation.  There clearly is no investigation, but the issues surrounding Seth’s murder speak for themselves.
I want to present the investigative issues which are very important to examine.  I actually will present tweets to accompany the issues.  I will start with the foundation of my argument which I recently discovered.

In the above tweet Seth as Pandas for Bernie says “I do not trust Hillary one bit.”

In the above tweet John Podesta clearly says, “Podesta: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.” www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36082#efmAGSAH- …
You can see Podesta wanted the leaker, and he wanted to make an example of the leaker.  I dare to say an “example” to John Podesta…well, we know a little bit about Podesta.  We can imagine how angry he must have been.
In the above tweet, we see that Heather Podesta, ex-wife of Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta, actually has a connection to the DC police, who were told to “stand down” on the Seth Rich murder investigation.
At this point, I want to present in tweets the incompetent and strange facts surrounding the murder and actions taken by those around Seth during that time.  They prove secrecy and aspects surrounding his death which make no sense.  If you look at each step from the time Seth was at the bar he frequented almost nightly, to the time he was in the hospital, you will understand why we must demand a special counsel.  I would hope that if Seth’s parents could see this, they would join in that request.
In the above tweet you will see Joe Capone, the owner of Seth’s favorite bar was actually a visitor to the White House. “ Joe Capone, owner of bar #SethRich left just before his murder was at the Obama White House 4 days prior to Rich’s murder. WHY?”
Investigators never reached out to Lou City Bar for video footage or interviews. The bar has a surveillance system within the building, but per a Lou’s City Bar manager, they were never asked to turn it over to police. To make matters worse, the system runs on a 30 day loop, so in less than a month after the murder, the tapes that would have shown Rich in his last moments were copied over, the proof gone forever.
Do you find it odd that the investigators looking into a murder case wouldn’t review tapes or question employees from the last place the deceased was seen? That goes against every metric of police investigation and following out leads. It would make more sense if they had caught Seth Rich’s killers that same day, but they have no leads or suspects in this case even almost a year later. Any and all information related to that night would have been crucial to aid their investigation, if it was happening.
This alone is more than enough to demand a special counsel in the Seth Rich murder investigation, but there is more.
It is not known who has Seth Rich’s laptop, but what we do know is that it was confiscated from his D.C. home the same day as his murder. Additionally, no details from the laptop have ever been disseminated in reports from investigators. It is odd that if this was truly a botched robbery that the investigators saw fit to take the laptop. What would they be hoping to find on it? It is not common practice to keep the laptop of every murdered individual, especially one not connected to the laptop in any way. Did the investigators know a facet of this case that the general public does not? Were they trying to protect evidence in some way? That only strengthens the premise that this was not a robbery gone wrong, this was an assassination and the contents of that laptop give insight as to why.
Rich realized that the Clinton campaign was officially stealing the nomination from Sanders.  In his job it put him between a rock and a hard place.  Seth felt he had a moral obligation as an American to try and expose Clinton. He even voiced his distrust for Clinton from his “Pandas For Bernie” twitter account, though the tweet was deleted by an unknown source some time after Rich’s death.
I know his parents cannot accept that Seth had ties with WIKILEAKS, but he did, as it is all coming out now:

In the above tweet you will see that another extremely strange connection is with the first officer on the scene of Seth’s murder.  Seth was said to be alive and talking.  What did he tell this officer?  Remember this officer’s sister worked for Hillary Clinton.  Bless Seth’s heart…he had no idea.  The following is the last tweet I will offer.  It has a photo of the murder scene.  
In the official report, Rich sustained two gunshot wounds to the back. However, officers reached him in under ten minutes with some reports saying as few as three minutes. Rich was reported to have been conscious when the six officers reached him. Seth Rich’s brother Aaron is quoted as saying, “They were very surprised he didn’t make it. He was very aware, very talkative. Yep, that was 100 per cent my brother.” Rich’s wounds were not out of the normal scope and many in the medical unit that day describe it as a routine procedure for gunshot wounds. So why did Seth die from these wounds? What haven’t we been told?
Let’s start with the unreleased body camera footage from the officers. Multiple officers that arrived on the crime scene had body cameras, yet no footage has ever been referenced or released. If reports of Seth Rich being conscious and talkative are true, what did he talk about? Was Rich able to identify his murderers? The releasing of this footage could easily help corroborate the official story, but the investigating team has yet to release it. What are they hiding?
I have made my case for a special counsel to be appointed now to the Seth Rich Murder Investigation!
The following has been an excellent source of information :  borderlandalternativemedia.com/2017/05/seth-rich-murder-death-dnc/

Which do you believe, the official narrative with no evidence or the “crazy conspiracy theory” with mountains of “pure coincidences.”

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15 thoughts on “I Am Asking The Justice Department For A Special Counsel On The Seth Rich Murder. Seth Rich Tweeted That He Did Not Trust Hillary Clinton One Bit!

  1. The line is pretty long for investigations by truthful people Casara…
    Suspicious “Suicides” or “Accidents” occurring to people about to reveal information on a variety of issues:
    The DC Madam, Brietbart, Gary Webb, of the San Jose Mercury News, Michael Hastings died in a single vehicle crash after saying he had a big breaking story, Vince Foster, Dorthy Killgallen, Michael Ruppert, Monica Petersen, a woman who was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from “suicide” in Haiti 2/17, Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl
    Suspicious deaths of UFO investigators Phil Schneider, Ron Johnson, Con Routine, Ann Livingston and Karln Turne, ron brown, jfk jr.,
    Suspicious death by small airplane or accident:
    Senator Paul Wellstone, Congressman James A. Traficant, Congressman Sonny Bono, Senator John Heinz III on April 4, 1991, the next day his partner in investigation John G. Tower. JFK Jr.

    • omg…Joe I know, but this runs so deeply within the government, involving all the major players right now.
      1. Hillary Clinton
      2. John Podesta
      3. Heather Podesta
      4. James Comey
      5. Actually the entire DNC
      6. Washington DC Police
      7. Possibly hospital staff
      8. Joe Capone
      It is so vast.

        • Joe, I do believe we are living Biblical prophecy, fighting the battle of Armageddon. You know, you would think in believing this, I would not be so emotional and demanding justice. God warns us during this time, Satan will have reign on the earth. Those who have sold their souls to him will come out on top right now. I know this, and I believe….I just cannot reckon with it. I am a born warrior, who will never give up. I am very empathetic of the dying. I cannot imagine what Seth endured during those last moments. Everyone around him betrayed him.
          1. bar owner
          2. who killed him
          3. who was behind it
          4. the police
          And I wonder after they did the emergency prep, they seemed to think he would survive. Who did he see during that time and immediately after? They say he did not even know he was shot. That tells me his wounds were not life threatening. Or it tells me the Lord was saving him from the pain of the body, as Seth deserved that grace and mercy.

    • For a people as crazy about cop and mystery shows as Americans, they can’t see this one right in front of them. The same scripts over and over, each event with a carefully organized theme or mission. Troublesome individuals “disappeared” with frightening regularity and we walk around like it is normal. When are the mooks going to wake up?

    • I have already read, and I used that article for a lot of my post. It is excellent and vast amount of information from the hospital. I want to know when they called the Rich family. If the above account is true, he died alone, when there was time to call the family in.

  2. “and while I can’t say 100% that he was allowed to die”
    Correction Seth was NOT allowed to die he was likely MURDERED in the ICU. This is a common backup assassination technique. This is how Ron Brown died (shot on plane after the crash). Princess Diana was murdered in the ambulance on the way to the farthest hospital possible.
    They do not fail twice especially with a sedated target and a locked down hospital room.

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