I Am Calling On All Of You Smart Sleuths On IWB To Start Investigating The Assassination Attempt Of Steve Scalise And Other Investigative Work.

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by Pamela Williams
In all my reports I have made so many friends, who show an intelligence that amazes me.  I have met all of you in the comments section.  You guys rock!  That is why I am asking you to investigate the assassination attempt of Steve Scalise and any investigative work you are interested in.
If you do not want to compile your work in an email and send it to me, then just compile it in the comments section.  However, I would rather you email me your work.  I will start to compile it and do an article including all of it.  
You must sign it in your name or an alias you want to use, because I want you to have credit.  My email is:  pamelacasara@gmail.com    Right now, as we see the FBI is trying to cover-up the Scalise/Republican assassination attempt.  I have heard many Republicans are receiving threats.  I want to know more about the threats and the details of some of them.
Also, I am interested in any investigations you guys want done.  This will be a collaborative effort by you and me.  I want you readers of IWB to be published and recognized.  Remember, include the investigation topic you want to work on, your name or the alias you want to use.
If you do not want to email me, then post it in the comments section.  I feel this will become a very interesting project and a way to fight back against the Deep State.  I am going to compile some of the videos I want you to watch, so you will get an idea what we must investigate.  However, you can do the same.  Send me the video or the subject that most interests you.  I promise to write back and to publish want to find.
I am very excited to find that so many of you are skilled investigators and writers.  I adore all of you!

Published on Jun 22, 2017
Rep. Jason Chaffetz shared a death threat he received with Fox News Thursday in which a man left a voicemail on his office phone saying he was going to “hang [Chaffetz] from a lamppost.”
READ OUT: “Hey Jason Chaffetz—I suggest you prepare for the battle, motherf***er, and the apocalypse,” the man yelled. “Because we are going to hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost!”

Published on Jun 15, 2017
Jason Chaffetz Final Warning To Americans About The FBI
Jason Chaffetz on one of his final days left in congress warns the american people about the FBI’s illegal database and facial recognition database they are creating.. using 1 out of ever 2 drivers licenses of all americans.. trey gowdy is now taking over the
oversight and reform committee chairman position so this might be the last time you even see Jason chaffetz which is why this makes what he said and this hearing so eerie this is latest news today and breaking news in politics and top stories in current events in us news and world news today this was taken live in full and is political news and politics news this comes highly anticipated after fbi james comey leaked information to the media about private conversations he had the president trump, donald trump has been outspoken about his non russia ties and his commitment to getting to the bottom of the leaks and obama injustices this is usa news cnn and msnbc have already picked up on it and its rumored jason chaffetz will go work for fox news after congress this is a alert to all citizens hidden during a testimony during normal congress business

Published on Jun 18, 2017
Look who just DROPPED LAWSUIT on FBI for Comey memos – You’ll be SPEECHLESS! – Hot News
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Look who just DROPPED LAWSUIT on FBI for Comey memos.
Given that we knew from the begin that President Trump would have been breaking a considerable measure of molds and shaking up Washington, we ought not to be astounded by the bitter, confused, and at times impossible to miss responses of the individuals who take part in our country’s political issues. This would incorporate the legislators themselves and their staffs, as well as the media and different members.
We as a whole have a truly smart thought from which side of the political range CNN hails. It may be tragic that we need to mention these objective facts, yet with the fair detailing of the news being something of a shortage, and the notable political cosmetics of most significant newsrooms, it’s something that must be contemplated. At the end of the day, consider the source.
Much has been made of discussions between President Trump and previous FBI Director Comey whom he later let go. CNN has recorded a Freedom of Information Act claim against the FBI to drive the office to turn over the updates Comey cases to have composed. This is a particular story with some unanswered inquiries.
“In federal court Thursday, CNN filed a lawsuit seeking to force the FBI to turn over former director James Comey’s memos documenting his conversations with President Donald Trump.
“Comey described the meetings and his note-taking in detail last week while testifying before the Senate intelligence committee.
“Despite high public interest in the content of the memos, Comey’s testimony that the records are not classified and a ruling from the Justice Department that the FBI should expedite CNN’s FOIA request for the memos, the FBI has not provided either the documents or a reason to withhold them, according to the lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. “
This is all extremely abnormal. On the off chance that the notices exist, are not ordered, and are in the ownership of the FBI, all of which Comey claims, at that point what’s the issue? As CNN brings up, there are not a lot of them so finding them and making duplicates ought to be a negligible assignment.
Is there something in these notices that would implicate Comey or other FBI staff? Do they even exist, or has Mr. Comey manufactured the narrative of his having composed every one of them? Why did he release one update?
To put it much more gruffly, without a doubt Comey kept duplicates of any updates he made, his protestations despite what might be expected not withstanding. So on the off chance that they are not characterized, why didn’t he simply hand them to the board of trustees or discharge the entire cluster rather than only one? In the event that he doesn’t ha anything to fear, once more, what’s the issue?
At that point there is this wind: “He [Comey] said his copies are now in the possession of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, and his friend said he returned his copy to the FBI.” The obvious question is why does not Special Counsel Mueller release the things, again , assuming that they truly contain no classified material as Comey alleges?
In the case of nothing else, this represents the trouble in achieving even the most straightforward of errands in Washington. Furthermore, these are the general population in whom we will put our trust to design our medicinal services protection programs. Rest soundly this evening.
Published on Jun 23, 2017
Who is Imran Awan? Who is Abid & Jamal Awan? These are all brothers who were IT staffers for various political figures within our US Government. All of whom have been democratic. They were highly paid staffers that are currently under investigation on suspicion that they abused their administration level access to highly sensitive congressional data as well as accessing members networks without their knowledge & stealing equipment from congress.
Jamal Awan, Imran’s brother, worked for Democrat Cedrick Richmond who is on the committe of Homeland Security. Imran is also known to work for Democrat Andre Carson and Jackie Speier, both of whom are members of the intelligence community. Also noted, Imran worked for the House Office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
It is believed the brothers have fled to Pakistan where they have significant property & resources.
Imran Awan/Brad Bauman Fox News commentary

Published on Jun 22, 2017
The mysterious m**** of DNC staffer Seth Rich just got a lot more mysterious with the release of a new report that utterly debunks the official version of how the man gone last summer.
The above videos are ones that I am very interested in, an I would like to further investigate them.  I am hoping you guys will choose one to investigate and move forward in doing that.
When you email me, tell me which video you want to investigate and list the questions you want answered.
The go to it, and when you are through, and you have compiled your findings, email me with what you want published.
When I receive your work, I will compile it into one report, and it will be published on IWB.  
Here are some of the questions I want to answer:

  1. How is Comey getting away with his many crimes?
  2. How is it that Mueller is getting away with his conflict of interest in this investigation of Trump when it is well known Comey and Mueller have a collaborative background?
  3. How is it that the Seth Rich family are allowing Brad Bauman and the DNC to control them?
  4. Why did Hillary Clinton ask Seth to work for her before he was killed, and why did he accept according to his parents?  He supposedly hated her?  Was Seth Rich a spy?
  5. How is it that the witness who came forward said “they walked him in front of me?”  No First Responder, EMT, or anyone in public service trained in medical evaluation, would have allowed a patient get up and walk…bottom line.  Is the witness authentic or a plant?
  6. Why or how did the Awan Brothers get inside the government?  Are they connected to the Pakistani ISIS Intelligence Agency?
  7. What are the chances the Deep State can get President Trump impeached?
  8. How can we work together to fight the Deep State?

Thanks everyone!  Again email me at:  pamelacasara@gmail.com

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80 thoughts on “I Am Calling On All Of You Smart Sleuths On IWB To Start Investigating The Assassination Attempt Of Steve Scalise And Other Investigative Work.

  1. You might want to include an article on Represenative Larry McDonald, the last sitting House member to be murdered. He was also elected as the second President of the John Birch society which I believe was most likely financed by Rockefeller associates to keep an eye on the Republican right wing.
    He announced that not only was the JBS goin to continue to fight Communism but to also fight Globalization and loss of National Sovereignty. He was interviewed by a young Pat Buchanan in 1983. It is still on U-Tube. Within 3 months of announcing he was goin to confront the Globalist he wet on a Political Junket to South Korea to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Armistice. The entire rest of the Congressmen and their staff cancelled out last minute and he went alone with somewhat less than 300 other regular people.
    The flight KAL 007 penetrated Soviet Airspace the deepest a civilian liner ever did, flew over a Top Secrete military base while the Soviets were doin a top secrete test. The Soviets attempted to intercept the airliner for something like an hour and a half and finally shot it down before it exited their airspace.
    The above is as close to the Truth one can hope for in this day of Lies. What is speculated is that the Agency had mounted cameras on this flight to spy on the Soviets and this flight had the flight penetrate greatly into Soviet Airspace so that the Soviets would take care of the McDonald problem, which they did. Also this helped heat up the Cold War for the MIC!
    I’ve read a few posts caliming that Scalise was workin on investigating pedophilia in DC. Can’t say one way or the other. However Podesta’s emails need to be constantly harped on asking him and all others what is this “Spirit Cooking” they do and what do the code words Pizza, Pasta, Hot Dogs Walnuts and others really mean! Either Wikileaks is wrong or this needs some splaynin!

    • Mac, do you mind if I make note of this post, as I compile my report, and quote you with the post? I did not know about McDonald.

      • Please feel free to use whatever I throw out. The credits do not matter to me. Most of ALL I have is from readin other peoples comments and researching them myself. One out of a thousand comments have some real meat to them.
        I stumbled upon the McDonald Story when I was in Iraq listening to AFN. They had the President of the JBS being interviewed and he sounded like he was putting on a poe act of being a right winger. Like he was a stage prop. That’s when I started to research them and stumbled on McDonald bein wacked on KAL 007. I have always been a news junkie my entire 64 years and don’t remember a sitting congressman and President of the JBS bein on the plane. Please let me know if you can’t find collaboration of what I wrote. So much that was easily found on an internet search has practically disappeared. A true 1984 Memory Hole. No LOL!
        PS; I’m not sure but I believe McDonald also was from Georgia District 6. If so how about that for coincidence!
        I like writing in the open so others can see and perhaps be curious of what I claim. If you want to reach me kentuckychief@hotmail.com will work.
        http://www.kentuckychief.org for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
        No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!
        PSS: Please remember when researching stories that the best way to hide the truth is just to throw it right out there and then wrap it up in an outrageous lie so people disbelieve the truth and the lie it was rapped up in. A prime example is David Icke. There is a lot of truth in a lot of the crazy stuff he has put out. Then he wraps it all up with Alien Lizard people being in control. However looking at Rockefeller, Soros, Kissinger and Hillary he might be on to something. LOL!

          • No sweat Sista. Just keep speakin Truth to Power. You do know if you git any real traction, they will not take you out first, but first your friends and then family. They even got to Perot and he claimed they threatened his daughters wedding. At the time I thought that was pretty lame excuses for a man who raised an armed force to invade North Vietnam to recover our POWs that McCain and Kerry abandoned! NOW I know what he meant.
            Check out my web site when you have a chance. I used to think Libs were just educated ivory tower idiots and RePugs were spineless fools, but after 2006 when Bush appeared happy to have a Donkey Congress and do what they wanted I reevaluated my thinking and listened to FDR when he said “Nothing happens by accident in Politic”. NOW it is plain to see that Bush I, II, Clinton and Obama have the Same puppet Masters. Follow the results and not the word. Or just “Follow da Money”! I am still praying that Trump is NOT controlled opposition.
            I have what I think is a realer, more likely explanation of history than what is recorded in the books! I’ve been around da world a few times and seen too many things NOT to believe ALL we are feed is lies!

          • Pleasure spreadin a few of my ideas to some one/anyone who will listen and take what they think may be valid. Never forgit Satan wraps the Truth up in a Lie. The difficult part is to separate the two!

          • If by Principalities in the Biblical sense, meaning Evil, I totally agree. I assume the Global Elites control over 75% of the worlds wealth if not more, why would THEY risk everything to control 99% if not under Satan’s spell!

    • What did Ray McGovern once say in an interview on youtube, when people we’re screaming at ‘Truthers’ for ”actually believing the US government could/would hurt it’s own people”?
      “These people are complete sociopaths who would think nothing of downing an entire aircraft to get just one person”
      Most can’t connect the dots.
      Most are fools.
      Nice work, Mac
      ANYTHING political on Wikileaks is a lie, propaganda, or a cover story. At least one of the founders is ‘former’ Mossad.
      Connect the dots.

      • So do you think Podesta’s emails are real or not? I hope they are not. It’s disgusting and unnerving to think that Satanic Pedophiles most likely control the majority of our government. I pray this is not the case, but believe it is most likely!
        As for a plane, there is always the Sec Brown plane that crashed and he just happened to have a bullet in da HEAD!
        Also Sen Heinz and Sen Towers died in plane accidents within 18 hours of each other! They both were senior members of the Senate Intel Committee and Sen Towers had retied and said he was ging to announce something the next day. Just like Brietbart, da next day NEVER came. No LOL!
        As a side note Sen Towers was supposedly the one who was able to git Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife, the KGB’s Colonel’s niece who raised her back, into the USSA from da USSR!

          • Beside takin out a very popular Republican Senator from PA, Sen Heinz, THEY gained control of the Heinz Foundation through Teresa, which had always supported moderate to conservative family orientated causes. Now I believe they support abortion and every Lib cause just like the Ford and Carnegie foundations who taken over by Lib/socialist who use their Billions in assets to fund things the founders would believe were an abomination!

          • The Ford Foundation was most certainly taken over, but Carnegie was always with the globalists, so I wouldn’t call it being taken over, it is doing as it was created to do, “Working under white house orders, to so alter life in the United States, so that one day we can be peaceable merged with the Soviet Union and China”…..Sen Norman Dodd on his findings from the Resse commission, and what the directors of the Ford Foundation told him to his face in the 50’s. The foundations, the intelligence services, the MSM, the government and the banks all work for the families, biggest mafia in the world.

          • I stand corrected. Carnegie worked with the Globalist to take out Taft who wanted to break up USS. They ran Teddy Roosevelt as a Bull Mouse to insure their Globalist Puppet, Woodrow Wilson and his handler, Colonel House gained control of the government so they could establish the FED Reserve and the IRS! House even taught Gobbles(SP) ALL he new about public propaganda. Margret Singer, Democrat Hero including Da HildeBeast, , Planned Parenthood founder and eugenics expert taught Hitler ALL about the Master Race. Ya can’t make this stuff up.
            It is highly likely that they even manipulated events to have McKinley wacked so Roosevelt could push in the FED Reserve private banking system. However, the individual state banks were too strong politically and THEY had to push through the 17th Amendment I believe to make Senators voted by the people instead of the State legislature. In the end THEY didn’t need it since they bribed the State Appointed Federal Senators to approve it on Christmas Eve in their Lame Duck session. The Creature from Jenkle Island described this well, which I read about 30 years ago.

          • About the state or ‘mom and pop’ banks, the great depression had many goals, one was to destroy those smaller banks allowing the elites to monopolize the money lending industry. Yes, many sneaky things done to us. Col. House is a good example of an evil man, not even sure if I can call people like that ‘man’, they seem to be more akin to demons walking in human skin.

          • Maybe Icke is correct and THEY, such as him and Kissinger, Rockefeller, Soros and da HildeBeast ARE Reptilian creatures. LOL!

          • Yes, the Heinz Foundation is totally Liberal and New World Order. A study was done in the Smoky Mountain National Park of the environment and all the new species to the park. I live in an area of the biosphere connected to the Park. This study was sponsored by the Heinz Foundation and the World Bank. It was the first study of its kind in the world. They talk about global warming, but yet they found new plants and species of insects here in the Park that had never been discovered. Now the Park is sectioned off into areas that humans may not enter. The Heinz Foundation has a center or a home right on the border between NC and Tenn. It is a place that they have prepared for when the rest of the world is in ruination. I am sure it is deeply embedded in the land with its own water supply. The thing about the Great Smokies here in this area is the water. It is a wellspring area where all water originates and flows outward. No water flows in. So the Heinz Foundation and the World Bank want it for themselves. The study was called the ATBI Study, and I will try to find a video on it.

          • For the last 6 or 7 years the Forrest Department has been throwing people off Federal Park Land who are authorized (Grandfathered) to live there. All about kicking everyone they can out of the country and keeping the bare minimum and the rest that are issued a CO2 emission permits to live in a highly controlled city. Agenda 21 at work.
            Just wait and see what happens when THEY make it mandatory to have self driving cars. Very few regular folks will be able to afford them or the maintenance of their sensors. Those that can will be only able to go where they are authorized to go !

          • I am thinking that we may be safe here at this time. Building has stopped in this cove, and there are no a whole lot of houses in here. Over the mountain from us is an area called Cataloochee. It used to be an old pioneering community, but the government drove them off their land. I hear thunder and loud noises over there all the time.

          • It’s amassing how many events in the latter 20th century can be linked within 2 or 3 degrees of separation from the JFK assassination. Are they related? Are all the Clinton friends and associates deaths related? Only G-d and Satan knows!

          • May I suggest you read the trilogy of books written by Victor Thorn about Hill and Bill? The books spell out in GREAT detail about all the related Clintoon murders and suspicous suicides. Well worth the read…total 3 books is about 900 pages!!!!…… He was murdered because of these books as he told too much truth. After you get done reading these books you will fully understand just HOW powerful they are and why they can get away with anything they damn well please.

          • I wish I had the time. I can barely keep up with current events anymore. Things are changing (Transforming) at an accelerating rate! The Clintons just kept up the murdering that LBJ did. It’s amassing that Nixon is considered the most Evil President we ever had. He is on tape saying as much as he wanted to be President he could never murder the sitting president, referring to LBJ.
            When Gordon Liddy volunteered to stand on a street corner and git wacked so the Watergate Investigation would end with him, Nixon was shocked that they thought he would have anyone, let alone a loyal worker murdered!

          • YOU SHOULD MAKE TIME TO READ THIS…..EXCUSES EXCUSES. JUST READ SO MANY PAGES A DAY…IS IT REALLY THAT HARD? Guess you’re just another snowflake who thinks everything needs to be handed to them…..

        • My apologies. I wrote WikiLeaks, meaning WikiPEDIA – which is a Mossad op’. HUUUUGE mistake!
          So while I MAY be wrong, here’s is MY take on WikiLeaks – and Putin.
          They’re BOTH sooooo center stage that ANY falsification, fabrication, or embellishment would completely invalidate everything else the say, do, or have claimed.
          I 100% believe Wikileaks BECAUSE the MSM and politicians do anything and everything they can to avoid the subject, almost acting as if Wiki doesn’t even exist.
          THAT speaks volumes
          Almost the only mention I can remember on MSM is the “you can’t look at
          these emails and memos, but WE in the media can – and then we’ll tell
          you what they say” – which defies credulity.
          Same for Putin; If they can find ONE TINY GLITCH, it will “prove what we’ve been saying alllll along; Putin is a dangerous liar, see!!?”
          (Amerika well-learned the lesson of history; “A good offense is better than a good defense” – aka ‘It’s better to attack than defend’)
          The mirror reflects heavily upon Amerika, because everything [we] accuse everyone else of is what we’re actually doing – but we call it “spreading democracy” so it sounds noble to a room-temp IQ nation, and the US military will violate their oath, believing they’re ‘defending liberty’.

          • WikiLeaks definitely has an agenda and are working it. I haven’t the time nor intelligence to analyze ALL that they have leaked in the last 10 or so years. So far their accuracy of what they LEAK has not been in doubt. What do they have that has NOT been leaked and who would it hurt?
            I Believe that Putin and BiBi are most likely Controlled Opposition of the Globalist. Supposedly Forbes says Putin’s Familia is worth between 4 to 40 BILLION and about 10 of the original 14 Russian Oligarchs still control most of the Russian economy. Allegedly they have serious connections to the “City of London” boys and ALMOST ALL have multi-million dollar mansions in London.
            If Putin or Bibi were real they would have leaked their files on Obama and Clinton. Throw in their JFK files and the Globalist NWO Scum would be finished!

          • Perhaps Putin keeps a lid on a lot of this stuff, which could possibly be part of what keeps the US and Israel at bay?
            And IF he released all he has, I wonder if he/they are afraid of the global reaction?
            Just spitballin’….
            Sure as shit WE’LL never know!

          • Yup, what did the British Politicians call it? I believe it was Disraeli who said it was the Great Game!
            Some people are claiming that Trump can release the rest of the JFK files in October, I believe, or reclassify the for another period of time. We will see!
            Bill Clinton ran on releasing ALL the JFK and UFO files, he released neither. Da HildeBeast said she’d release the UFO files if elected. Thankfully that didn’t happen!

        • Darn right sicko Podesta’s e-mails are real, pedogate/pizzagate is sadly very true. Even the mighty Dr. Phil got cancelled after exposing them with a survivor who was sold into sex slavery to the cult as a baby. Look how quickly they had to invent the term ‘fake news’ to slander pizzagate, all levels of media, on the same day, suddenly could not say pizzagate without first saying ‘the fake news story’ so it takes one’s mind away from our dear leaders being sicko baby killing satan worshipers, and turns the masses minds into thinking about ‘fake news’, they then planted a couple of small fake stories for both left and right to quickly jump on, back into the left right divide and that arguement, instead of pizzagate, they are masters of mind control.

          • Don’t let it slide Bro. We gotta keep da pressure up on them! As you said this sure looks real! Real Sick Satanic filthy SCUM which will cause America to be destroyed by G-d for turning our back on HIM!

          • Yeah, they are real, and it is as bad as we think it is….they are Satantic entities who prey on children.

      • Occams, so you are saying you think WikiLeaks is fraudulent, because I have begun feeling something is not the way it seems. Did I understand you correctly that you do not trust WikiLeaks?

        • With ALL this email talk and WikiLeaks I haven’t read or heard one person say they are NOT true. In fact when he was fist hacked Podesta made a few jokes about his cookin on National TV if I remember correctly. So I am inclined to believe they are likely to be true.
          As Occums said, I’ve also read that the Mossad is a big factor in i’s founding. Notice how Mossad always comes up as spelled wrong also when typed in these forms. There is a definite agenda in WikiLeaks leaks. Not enough for me to conclude their motivation. Surely someone has mapped out their long term effect, thereby isolating the motivation. Remember, “War through deceit”!
          Israel would have the motivation; even though 85% of American Jews support the Democrats and Obama as they weaken Israel to the point of their possible destruction in the long term. Add Hillary with her main lick bein Huma, Sista of da Muslim Brotherhood, I’d say it is in Israel’s long term survival to take da Donkey out. Supposedly the Obama Administration and their holdovers in the Trump Administration is full of Muslim Brotherhood peeps.

        • See above. I read and wrote too fast! I was ‘seeing’ WikiPEDIA – not WikiLEAKS!
          In the immortal words of Homer Simpson; “DOH!’

    • Scalise put out an anti-pedo video a couple of weeks prior to the attempt on his life. Anyone who gets to close to the pedo abuse ring gets taken down. Not only could it bring the government down, it’s their blackmail over many of them. If you believe the whistleblowers from the FBI and the NYPD about Anthony Weiner’s laptop, that they found chlid porn on it, and used his saved password to access a private cloud server of pedo and snuff film’s of a ‘who’s who’ in DC and Hollweird representing around a third of congress on both sides of the aisle. If the truth of this comes out to the masses, it would cause the most massive backlash against the NWO and an actual purge of anyone who has taken campaign money from the banks or AIPAC. Nationalism would rise like a giant and all those ‘random’ attacks (FBI fake news) would suddenly be real, and directed towards the banking families, random nuts attacking real targets for once. Looking back, it’s hard to find a ‘real’ assassination, shooting, bombing, serial killer or fake ones, that they didn’t control as a intelligence operation to be used by the MSM as propaganda to move the masses as a herd towards the next war and the NWO, sickening.

      • THEY have everyone in DC bought off/blackmailed or threatened.
        Look at the Tea Party. When they won election in 2010 the 70 to 80 some forced the Congress to pass the Stock Act, making it illegal for Congressmen and their aids to buy and sell stock depending on how the legislature would affect the price. They shamed Congress into passiin it with a 100% Yes vote.
        One year latter THEY forced through on day 2 of the Boston Marathon Bombing the modification of the Stock Act which took out most of the teeth. It passed with 100%. So in one year it appears that THEY blackmailed ALL the Tea Party members with Hot Babes, young boys, corruption, money, power or just plain threatening them and their loved ones!
        http://www.kentuckychief.org for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
        No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

  2. I just want to report that we have had two IWB readers to report so far. I am going to compile the entries from emails and on the comment section, like Mac’s below for two weeks. Then I will go over them and add to them with what I find. After that, I will put the whole thing together. Please look over my typos, I am working fast, and sometimes I do not have time to read over my reports.

  3. You may be on to something here. My first thought reading this was Lee Child’s ‘One Shot, but Cruise, in the movie, says something like “a random series of shootings? Or one specific target, hidden inside, to make it look like a random series of shootings”.

    • I was thinking the same thing. MK Ultra a crazy person for diversion and have a Pro put on shot into the target. Surely a Professional would have done better than a hip shot !

          • Okay. My source says it’s confirmed there was a hit list, and someone ‘inside’ was feeding this guy the info (I’d suspect FBI when it’s comes to guiding, assisting, and directing someone to commit an act of terror – as they have had a hand in virtually every single ‘act’ – or the ‘foiling’ thereof), and ‘the list’ was those digging into child/human trafficking.
            Scalise was there, the shooter was probably fed this info, and his other shots were simply targets of opportunity, as no one else from the list was in attendance.
            My source ALSO believes the guy could have shot and run, and probably gotten away clean, so why stay? “MK-Ultra shit, for sure”.
            He likes this site’s analysis – “a bit silly at times, but solid info”.
            ALSO: Trump took his personal physician with him to visit Scalise, since, in the same hospital, a stable-condition Seth Rich ‘suddenly died’.

    • Do you know who was shot first? What position was Scalise in? Prone standing, runnin? Was it meant to put him in line, givin him a message he couldn’t refuse, or a missed kill shot? What was the chance he was NOT singled out?

        • No, haven’t had a chance. everything is breakin down on the farm on me now. I doubt it will be anywhere except an individual trying to put it out on their own like the ER Resident with Seth Rich. I hope if he is real G-d protects him!

  4. Wonderful idea,
    Maybe start with something very simple like any professional accountants out there could easily investigate and report on the FRAUDULENT social security COLA calculations., going on for YEAR after YEAR.
    OR fema.

    • How about we start out with either locking up Sheriff Joe and his Document Posse for claiming under Oath Obama’s birth certificate has around 7 layers of Photo Shoppin or Obama for presenting a forged document. Dat should be an easy one!

  5. previously posted…
    Everything Points to Congressman Steve Scalise Being “Seth Riched”
    This was a fastidiously executed CIA operation as a serious and personal warning to third ranking member house leadership, and was a warning to every other member of congress – they all know. It happened on the president’s birthday so a message sent to him, also.
    Steve was on ground wounded for a long time should have been taken out earlier. Scalise was a fierce patriot and enemy of deep state, and the highest ranking tea party official.
    On video, scalise made human trafficking his top issue… the most radioactive issue going on today… pushing legislation very severe on pedophiles.
    The ‘Berniac shooter’ has all the signs of a programmed assassin MK ultra. Anyone who knew anything about guns at all to miss even once, with a gun as good as even the worst assault rifle, including the SKS, is doubtful. How could you get such an awful shot? Answer: WITH A PROGRAMMED PATSY who knew nothing about guns, that you suddenly abducted and mind wiped for the job. That sure fits “vanished with the van for two months, ” only to suddenly surface with this.
    Scalise entered the hospital in FAIR condition. Fair condition means you can be missing an arm or leg, or have some other horrible injury, but your vital signs read completely normal. Scalise had perfectly normal vital signs when he entered the hospital. Scalise appeared to be sabotaged during the surgery, which was botched on purpose to kill him. Scalise showed up at the hospital in fair condition. This was reported so widely that even Politico reported that he was in good spirits and called his wife before the surgery.
    Seth Rich was walking when they took him to the hospital. The same suspect hospital that Scalise was taken to.
    Scalise was investigating Pedogate/pizzagate. Staffers for the Democratic whip were seen carrying several boxes of pizza to Scalise’s office. Who does that?
    Now, the media is trying to scramble the story line about the gun used, to try to explain the details on the ground. They are sort of leaning towards the SKS, which might have a solid bullet deflect off the hip and cause serious internal injury, at the same time it explained why he was such an awful shot. But the SKS is not that bad, inside of 100 yards it is accurate enough to not make a difference and all shots were close. And they botched it early on by saying it was an M4 carbine. So the SKS story line is a blunder.
    7. Ok, so let’s say somehow our patsy got ahold of a NOT military issued .223 (which is the caliber of an M4 carbine) and he had a knock off. It will still be identical to the military version when it hits something. What happens when you hit a hip with that? Well, nothing should really happen. The bullet is designed to fragment in soft tissue and make a huge mess, but if it hits something solid like a hip, it ought to do significant damage at that point, but stop there.
    They therefore want the story morphed over to it being an AK or an SKS, because that round penetrates better without fragmenting and would fit the story line of Scalise showing up all cheery and then dying because the bullet deflected into vital organs. I guess a .223 might do that too, but if you get a bad hit with a .223, you will NOT feel cheery and call the wife, PERIOD. The only way he’d be cheery after getting hit with a .223 is if it was neutralized when it hit the hip bone and spread nowhere from that. So if he was reported as cheery before going into surgery, that would be what happened. And there would be ZERO chance of reducing to critical condition just because someone dug around in your hip. So we are watching the story about the gun used twist and turn to fit whatever happened when a doctor intentionally botched the surgery to reduce Scalise from fair condition to critical. SKS it will be then.
    The doctor’s name is Dr. Sava. He registered six times at the White House right before Seth Rich was murdered. Dr. Sava’s wife was at the WH 23 times prior! There was a resident at MedStar facility who said Dr. Sava was Rich’s doctor. This resident at MedStar wrote online his guilt over not questioning the unusual protocol of Rich’s treatment while at MedStar. The only person allowed in Rich’s room was Dr. Sava. This was weird because normally residents go on all the rounds…but wasn’t going in Rich’s room. This according to what the resident wrote online.
    AND when Trump showed up for a visit, Scalise was getting worse…not critical when they brought him in at the morning….but by the afternoon, critical. Trump had his presidential physician CONFER with the Scalise doctor…whom I’m assuming is Dr. Sava. Oh, Scalise is now not as critical as before the CONFER.

    • Wow, that is involved, and I know it is huge deal. I am going to study it, and decide what part of it to use to add to the new report I just did. IWB just published it.

  6. prev posted…
    Pedophile John Podesta Wanted Child Protector Steve Scalise To Resign
    “From: democrats@thehousesmajoritypac.com
    To; podesta@law.georgetown.edu
    Date 1-8-15
    Subject: Add your name and tell Scalise to resign
    Name: John Podesta
    Petition Signature: Pending”
    Scalise is one of Trump’s trusted investigators into Pizzagate and knows he needs to keep him alive, hence a doctor he trust is now overseeing the recovery.
    Washington Hospital Center appears to be where people go when they are supposed to die.
    Pelosi: “Our hearts are broken over the assault that was made, really on all of us, but personally heartbroken over the de–uh (awkward silence) of what happened to Steve Scalise, our colleague.”
    Dr. Jack Sava of MedStar Hospital in downtown Washington D.C. today issued an update on Scalise’s condition, after Scalise was shot during a congressional baseball game practice. This doctor is the person who treated Rich after the former DNC staffer was shot several times in July in what police think was a botched robbery.
    Rich died at the hospital where he was treated, MedStar.
    Sava treated Rich and must have helped kill him in order to silence the DNC staffer, who reportedly wanted to leak all kinds of damaging information about the Democrats. Rich had provided DNC documents to WikiLeaks.
    The Sava angle is picking up steam because the doctor has ties to Hillary Clinton, her campaign manager John Podesta, and the Obama White House. That information comes from DNC email leaks published by WikiLeaks. One of them shows Sava’s name on a campaign event guest list.

  7. Steve was targeted becaus he was too close to the child porno and child trafficking rings….this was an obvious warning to others not to meddle into such things……duh!!!

    • You are so right. We are going to all work right now on the Steve Scalise investigation, and the fact the FBI IS COVERING IT UP BECAUSE OF THE PEDO THING.

  8. I want to ask some weird questions about Seth Rich that is really bothering me. He seems so close to his family, but yet they did not know anything about him if what we presume is true. His parents were Hillary fans, and he himself took a job from Hillary, even after saying he did not trust her. Plus, why would he take a job with Hillary if he knew what she did to Bernie. Something stinks to high heaven. Plus, I have been wondering if he was a plant or a spy for WikiLeaks. Things just don’t make sense.

    • Whatever the reason I would suspect his family was given a large stipend and some major threats to their well being like most likely the family of Mary Joe Kopechne was.

  9. I would really like to start with the Seth Rich murder investigation, and everyone work together on that. I am going to go watch the newest video and post it here. Then the rest of you can watch it. I want to know about the girlfriend. She worked at the DNC, TOO. She was bound to know what was going on. What did the cams show? Lets dig for what he said if he was talking…..

  10. Guys, I am so excited about all that is being posted, plus I have gotten several emails, too. I will be catching up with you today!

  11. The point is, since the days of Mena, Arkansas, the Klinton Foundation has spread across the globe and become one of the main operating machines of the globalists, from CIA drugs, child and adult trafficking, weapons, military tech… trading them and laundering the money. HSBC and Comey being one part of that operation. SEIU and gangs are part of the operation, so is spying and blackmail at the highest levels on congress…
    It now extends to other countries using ISIS to accomplish, basically, the same goals…
    Now we have a trail of murder, going back to those days, related to the same people. Besides Congress we have lawyers now in the Florida case against the DNC that are being threatened and in danger. The alt right investigators are also being threatened and so is every aspect of government official and representative.
    Its not a matter of ‘sleuthing’ so much as realizing that this country is one big organized crime unit and we must start having prosecutions… I think everyone knows the cast of characters by now.

  12. Solving the Kennedy assassinations untangles the whole mess. The CIA did it and have been running a coup government for 54 years, basically a media production that had the effect of brainwashing the entire population.

      • It would take over a 1000 pages to cover the majority of 2nd and 3rd degree separation issues that are hard facts on the JFK assassination. You KNOW it is bad when Bill O’Riely and Cass Sunstein says you got to be a Conspiracy Nut NOT to believe JFK was killed by a lone gunman and a single bullet. I would have to say you are brain dead or paid off to believe Oswald did it himself with his magic bullet!

          • LBJ was definitely a player since JFK was goin to take him off the ticket and Bobby was goin to indict him for corruption. The main reason he got wacked was EO 11110 which brought back the Silver Certificates issued by the Treasury instead of the Private owned FED Reserve. Mess with da FED, Ya END up DEAD!
            Even Nixon said on a tape, that no mater how much he wanted to be President, he could never have the sitting President assassinated like someone did! Why do you think he was so paranoid!
            Also messing with the Dulles Bros in the CIA and State Dept, the MOB and planing to cut way back on the MIC created the perfect storm. Add to that Mary Cabot Myers, JFK’s main squeeze and Dr Acid, Timothy Leary’s friend, most likely feeding him LSD under Operation MK ULTRA, we KNOW for a fact she was supply marijuana. She made the fatal mistake of tellin her friend she had it ALL in her personal diary. She got wacked the next day in the same park Foster did and the Agency turned her house upside down to retrieve the diary!

  13. darn right pizza gate, pedo gate is real, and those emails too..the ancients were obsessed with satanic ritual, cannibalism, magic, pedophilia, and the SAME APPLIES TO THE POWERFUL TODAY!
    don’t ever think otherwise..thats why these people keep getting knocked off when they get in the way, and SAME reason why people in power ALL OF A SUDDEN are found with kiddie porn on their laptop, or caught with a minor, because its all about BLACKMAIL.

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