Who Is Coleen Rowley? She Is A 9/11 Whistleblower Who Has More To Reveal Which Will Stun You.

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by Pamela Williams
Coleen Rowley was named one of TIME magazine’s “Persons of the Year” in 2002. What did Rowley do to earn that honor?  FBI agent Coleen Rowley came forward to accuse FBI headquarters in 2002 of hampering the investigation into alleged 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui.  Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds was hired after 9/11 to translate intelligence related to the attacks.  Both said the FBI had information that the 9/11 attack using airplanes was in the works before September 11, 2001.
I have to admit I am not up on the subject of 9/11, so doing this report has really opened my eyes.  Rowley revealed one of her fellow FBI agents contacted FBI headquarters before September 11.  This agent actually said he was suspicious of Moussaoui.  Further saying, Moussaoui was the type that would try to fly a plane into the World Trade Center. I wonder how he knew that…wow.
Rowley wrote a 13-page letter in May 2002 to FBI Director Robert Mueller reaching out for help.  She claimed FBI officials were resisting seeking search warrants and punished agents who sought help from the CIA.  I tried to find a link to the letter, but it has been removed from the Internet.  However, I found parts of the transcript, and here are some of the highlights:
COLEEN ROWLEY:  Well, let me preface anything I say. I have been instructed not to talk to the media, and that’s actually surprising since the letter that I wrote initially supposedly got whistleblower protection. But I think the FBI now is in a very precarious position because of the fact that there’s threats to split the FBI up. Therefore, the hierarchy is very sensitive to saying anything or even to allowing people to talk. So, today I’m speaking only in my personal capacity, and I’m trying to speak only from what I have said before, which is on the 13-page letter and in which in theory has whistleblower protection. But, obviously, if you read or anyone rereads that letter, which is now kind of ancient history, you will see a remarkable denial on the part of the mid-level management people at headquarters that any al Qaeda operative could exist — be existing here in the United States. Of course, the comments that were made which I’m aware of do not display that there was any urgency on the part of these people to react to news that was being generated from the field offices.
Well, you know, historically the FBI has been investigating al Qaeda for a long time. Obviously, the first 1993 World Trade Center attacks brought that into focus. So, al Qaeda certainly was considered a threat, but what I’m talking about is any special urgency, especially during the summer of 2001 which would have made people, especially the mid-level management people, more aware of information, little pieces of information that were generated to them. And again, if you read —- reread the letter and the fact that the Phoenix Memo and the information that came in from our office and other offices simply was not acted on –
So we see Coleen Rowley already has an enemy in the FBI, but that is not stopping her in coming forward again.  This time she is speaking out against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Ex-FBI Director James Comey.   She claims Mueller has a history of cover-ups, and while Mueller has been described as being of impeccable character, it simply not true.  
It seems to me that both Mueller and Comey two nuts from the same shell.  Both have illusions of grandeur.  They see themselves as beyond reproach, and it is absolutely sickening that they have not yet been revealed as frauds.  
Rowley had this to say about Mueller and Comey:  “The truth is that Robert Mueller (and James Comey as deputy attorney general – see my NEW YORK TIMES op-ed on day of Comey’s confirmation hearing) presided over a cover-up…”
Rowley goes on to say:  “The FBI and all the other officials claimed that there were no clues, that they had no warning (about 9/11) etc. and that was not the case.  There had been all kinds of memos and intelligence coming in.  I actually had a chance to meet Director Mueller personally the night before I testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee…he was trying to get us on his side, on the FBI side, so that we wouldn’t say anything terribly embarrassing…”
Further she says, “When you had the lead-up to the Iraq War…Mueller and, of course, the CIA and all the other directors, saluted smartly and went along with what Bush wanted, which was to gin up the intelligence to make a pretext for the Iraq War.  For instance, in the case of the FBI, they actually had a receipt, and other documentary proof, that one of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, had not been in Prague, as Dick Cheny was alleging.  And yet those directors more or less kept quiet.  That included…CIA, FBI, Mueller, and it included also the deputy attorney general at the time, James Comey.”
I have to say I am stunned that Rowley is still alive.  She went on to say, Mueller presided over the post 9/11 round-up of innocent immigrants, the anthrax investigation fiasco, as well as going along with a form of martial law.  I am ashamed to say I do not remember any of this.
The following article was written by Rowley in THE NEW YORK TIMES in 2013.  Here are a few of the highlights:   www.nytimes.com/2013/07/09/opinion/questions-for-the-fbi-nominee.html
“I suggest that the senators ask Mr. Comey these questions:

  1. Will you maintain the F.B.I. ban on torture and coercing of statements and confessions? Would you instruct F.B.I. agents to investigate all credible reports, including those involving other federal personnel, of violations of Sections 2340 and 2441 of Title 18 of the United States Code, which define torture and war crimes? (In 2002, according to a Justice Department report, F.B.I. agents at Guantánamo Bay created a “war crimes file” to document accusations of prisoner mistreatment by American military personnel, but an F.B.I. official ordered that the file be closed in 2003.)
  2. In March 2004, you argued that the N.S.A. surveillance program was illegal. Do you still believe that the domestic communications of American citizens can be legally monitored by the government only with a judicially approved warrant? If so, what assurances about the warrantless surveillance scheme did Mr. Bush offer that persuaded you to stop opposing the program? “  
  3. Do you stand by your statement, made at a Justice Department news conference in June 2004, that it was right to hold Jose Padilla, an American citizen who was arrested on American soil, in a military brig (for two years at that point) without charges?
  4. Why, in April 2005, did you approve 13 harsh interrogation tactics, including waterboarding and up to 180 hours of sleep deprivation, for use on suspects by officers of the C.I.A.?
  5. Do you stand by a speech in March 2009 in which you spoke of the need to “incapacitate” terrorists who could not be prosecuted, either because of a lack of sufficient evidence or because the information had been secretly provided by a foreign country? Do you believe that since procedures exist for “preventative detention” of people with dangerous mental illness, there should be a similar way to detain terrorism suspects without trial?
  6. Do you believe there is a trade-off between civil liberties and national security, or do you think, as Mr. Obama stated when he ran for president, that this is a false choice? Where do you believe the balance between privacy and safety can be found, when the government has ready access to vast amounts of data collected by communications companies?
  7. The N.S.A.’s data-mining operations seem to be sweeping up information involving foreigners and American citizens alike. How can we preserve the distinction between “non-U.S. persons” abroad, on whom officials have virtually unlimited authority to conduct surveillance, and “U.S. persons” inside our borders, on whom they lack authority to conduct warrantless surveillance?
  8. Can you explain why the F.B.I. has submitted requests to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for phone call data, even though the data is to be directly furnished to the N.S.A.? How does the F.B.I. follow up on such requests to ensure that the N.S.A. is protecting the rights of American citizens?
  9. Are the N.S.A.’s data-gathering efforts, disclosed in recent weeks, an outgrowth of Mr. Bush’s earlier warrantless surveillance program, to which you objected? Do they relate to the “Total Information Awareness” scheme proposed by John M. Poindexter, a retired admiral and former aide to Ronald Reagan, that was terminated after it was made public in 2002?
  10. Do you believe that the F.B.I., in investigating a leak of classified information, was right in 2010 to call James Rosen, a Fox News reporter, a potential “co-conspirator”?
  11. Officials say that great national harm will result from the disclosure of secret activities that are legally questionable. What do you think of this proposed remedy: The government should abide by international law and refrain from infringing on the rights of American citizens in the first place?

OK…we know how Coleen Rowley feels about the past, but how does she feel about what the Deep State is doing to President Trump?  The following interview has been taken from:  consortiumnews.com/2017/03/24/surveillance-state-goes-after-trump/
Dennis Bernstein: A former high-level FBI whistleblower says Trump is vindicated on his claims of being surveilled by the previous administration. Joining us to take a close look at what’s been going on, what’s been unfolding in Washington, D.C. is Coleen Rowley. She’s a former FBI special agent and division council. She wrote a May 2002 memo to the FBI director that exposed some of the FBI’s pre-9/11 failures, major failures. She was Time magazine’s person of the year in 2002. … Help us explain what chairman Nunes reported in terms of the collecting process and Trumps innocence or guilt?
Coleen Rowley: I think the Chairman Nunes said [Wednesday] that Trump was monitored instead of wiretapped. And these are terms of art that for three weeks or so, no one has fully understood and so there’s been all this confusion. Trump, himself, did not understand, and was clumsy in saying “my campaign was wiretapped.” Wiretapping itself is almost obsolete. It means tapping into a wire, that’s the old way, when the way communications used to go over wires and now they’re digital and they… Snowden, if you remember, all of the disclosures from Edward Snowden, and other NSA whistleblowers, there’s something going on now called collect it all, massive surveillance. And that is done, there are some targets, but then lots and lots of Americans are incidentally monitored… they aren’t monitored but their conversations, and their phone numbers that they’re dialing and their e-mails that they’re e-mailing are collected.
And, of course, when Trump was under investigation it would be natural that they would have some… not his… not necessarily him personally, but his campaign staff obviously, that’s going to mean surveillance of those people.
DB: Now, monitoring, does that mean that Obama was in fact, surveilling? Is that a good word? Was Trump being surveilled? Were his claims essentially correct?
CR: I think Trump is vindicated, again he didn’t understand the terms that he was using. And he did misuse the term, so when Comey said “No”… that that tweet about being wiretapped, we have found no evidence of that.” Comey was able to be honest because a wiretap has a specific meaning. But, you notice, in five hours Comey never said that there’s been no surveillance of anyone connected to the Trump campaign. In fact, he implied the opposite. He implied that the Trump campaign, some persons, he didn’t mention names, but some of them have been investigated since this summer.
And, so, obviously that does mean that, for starters, if you think… remember all of the disclosures from Edward Snowden and the other NSA whistleblowers, they can access all of the communications that have already been collected. That’s for starters, so if you have somebody that you are now investigating, you can go back into these NSA databases and say pull up everything on so-and-so. And I’ve just got to add one more thing, the NSA whistleblowers including Edward Snowden all warned for really now for two or three years, we have been warning the American public that this “collect it all” is really a recipe for, not only a lack of privacy, but even for hurting our own democracy.
If you go back to Frank Church, for instance, the reason the Church committee… well it was because Frank Church, Senator Frank Church was, himself, under surveillance by the NSA. And we warned now for two or three years, that they tell the public “Don’t worry, you have nothing to hide. Why would you worry about any of these NSA… they’re helping us catch terrorists. And you don’t have anything to hide.”
But, of course, the politicians in Washington are the ones that have things to hide. They could have conflicts of interests, there’s all kinds of things going on, certainly just political opposition, partisanship. So this is always an ongoing game in Washington, to try to find out dirt about your opponent, etc. So, they are the ones, actually, who should have been more aware of how this could be used against themselves. And yet, they just disregarded these warnings and told the public “Oh, don’t worry you have nothing to hide.”
DB: We’ve got Donald Trump vindicated about, in essence, being monitored, surveilled. without his own knowledge although I would imagine he should have known, or assumed. But now that tells us that there has been a lot of information collected and we can now assume, I guess, that all the… a lot of the communications from the Trump people, in Washington, also, at Trump Tower, so even though it wasn’t wiretapped, it was monitored.
CR: It was collected. And, again, this isn’t necessarily about Trump personally, just cause it’s not about Obama, personally ordering. What this is about is if there are even members of Trump’s campaign staff, or even associates, that could even be a little bit distant from the actual campaign, but just associates. It may be that they were the actual targets. And, still, might be the targets. But, then incidentally Trump could have ended up being, himself, intercepted.
I’m going to go back to Martin Luther King, Jr.. Martin Luther King, Jr., if you understand the microphones in his hotels. And he was the subject of Title 3 orders. This was all based on guilt by association. And I think it was simply a paragraph or two, there was very little probable cause. It was a paragraph or two alleging that an associate or a cousin of an associate was a communist. That’s what it amounted to. And that’s how, then, J.Edgar Hoover was allowed to go and do all these things in hotel rooms. And, in the same era, the NSA was actually monitoring Senator Frank Church.
We think after all these years that we’ve grown up and we’ve understood the problems that occurred back then. And, obviously, history is totally repeating. It may well be there’s a legitimate investigation of somebody in the periphery of the Trump campaign, a staffer or somebody connected, that’s legitimate.
But when they have a “collect it all” motto which they’ve had now since 9/11. They’ve turned on these monitoring things, Hayden and others turned them right on, illegally, I should say, for starters, illegally. And now they have all this database. And, so, there’s only a couple of ways to try to protect privacy. And they are supposed to be on their honor to minimize Americans.
And you now see that this has completely failed in the case of Flynn and others, because, again, that’s all they have is on their honor, they say they won’t leak out identities of Americans if they are “incidentally” collected. And, now, that doesn’t even apply. And, I would say that the people  who have leaked are not – I’ve said this many times now – are not what I would term a good whistleblower.
These are leakers who seem to be high level, as opposed to somebody like Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning, at a lower level, who is motivated for the public good. I think that the leaks that you’ve seen in the past couple of months, or three months, have actually come from high levels, top appointees, and political partisanship are the motivations. They’re not saying this is for the public good. And, again, this is something we all warned about, the NSA and our veteran intelligence professionals for sanity probably have written half a dozen times, about these problems. And, now it’s just really all happened the way we predicted and warned about.
DB: Now, we have, sort of, a hundred, almost smoking guns. I want to ask you Coleen Rowley, as somebody who has been… worked for the FBI, evaluated information, collected information, you’re an attorney in this context. In terms of what we know. Do they got Donald Trump? Is he owned by the Russians? What have you been able to confirm?
CR: Well, I don’t think there has… and it’s not just myself, it’s really most of our veteran intelligence professionals, retired CIA, retired NSA, we’ve all been conferring for a while on this. And we have asked, we actually put out a…memo asking for evidence. Because it’s just been assertions and innuendoes, and demonization…
We see a lot of demonization of the Russian T.V. channel. But we have not seen any actual evidence of Russians… and there’s a lot of reasons to think that this would be illogical. Even if, and I would grant that Comey mentioned this in his testimony, that Putin and other top Russians hated Hillary Clinton. Well, even if you assume that, that they didn’t like Hillary Clinton, as much as Donald Trump. They considered Donald Trump their lesser evil, or whatever. Even if you think  that, why would they take the risk? Because, at the time Hillary Clinton surprised everyone by… everyone thought she was going to win. So it would have been completely illogical for them to have done these things, to take that kind of a risk, when it was presumed that she was going to be the next president. There’s just so many things here that don’t add up, and don’t make sense.
And yet, and yet, because our mainstream media is owned by what?…half a dozen big conglomerates, all connected to the military industrial complex, they continue with the scenario of that old movie… the Russians are coming!…the Russians are coming! And unfortunately the Democrat Party has become the war party, very clearly. They’re the ones that don’t see the dangers in ginning up this very dangerous narrative of going after Russia, as meddling, or whatever. And they should ask for, we all should ask for the full evidence of this. If this is case, then we deserve to know the truth about it. And, so far, we haven’t seen anything. Look at that report. There’s nothing in it.
DB: And, this is the same media who for the last… ever since Trump claimed that he was wiretapped using the wrong terminology, these journalists they couldn’t stop saying “if he did lie, this is a felony. He did lie. He did accuse the former president of the United States…” So, you’re saying, based on your long experience and information this was just a confusion of a term of art, and the idea of the possibility of Trump Towers being under investigation, this was all incredibly not strange, not crazy, and totally normal in the context of an investigation.
In conclusion, there is more of this excellent interview on the above link.  I feel I have learned a lot from Coleen Rowley, and I have a great respect for her.  May God bless her, and may Comey and Mueller be exposed soon for the liars they are.

Please share this vital report from a retired FBI agent that exposes the truth behind two of Washington’s most powerful men.
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16 thoughts on “Who Is Coleen Rowley? She Is A 9/11 Whistleblower Who Has More To Reveal Which Will Stun You.

    • She’s got a funny way of keeping the lid on if “she is part of the cover-up”. Still, she could have some heavy hitters on her team, watching her back. I like to think this woman is the real deal. The kind of American that would risk their life for their country, simply by shining a light on government malfeasance at the least, and treason at the most.

      • well, obviously there weren’t really 19 moron arab highjackers, since several of them came forward after 9/11 and said to the TV media no less, that they were still alive. so therefore there wasn’t a mysterious 20th highjacker named mooseowie.
        rowley and anyone else who claims knowledge of this mr. sneakyman # 20 is just furthering the myth that 19 moron saudis from afghanistan highjacked 3 giant airliners and flew them around the eastern seaboard for over an hour all the while defeating the mighty US airforce before finally managing to hit 2 WTCs and the pentagon,. magically and utterly destroying 3 WTCs and without leaving so much as a scratch on the pentagon’s pristine lawn.
        furthering the myth….

  1. Mueller is a bush stooge and is exactly like Comey. All the alphabets are out of control and are like a cancer that just keeps spreading and keeps getting fed with a blank check.

  2. Oh, goody! More ‘left-handed exposure’….which supports the complete and total lie of 9/11.
    Once again, for anyone who STILL doesn’t know, the US and Israel did 9/11 – a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ – because the Deep State KNEW Amerikans wouldn’t allow either ANOTHER war – or the introduction of the written-10-years-previousy, ‘Patriot’ Act.
    Amerikans bought the fraud, and now we have a much-desired Endless War against a boogieman (especially since WE OWN THE FUCKING BOOGIEMEN!!), the US fights for Israel, Israel is expanding, as was their goal of ‘Greater Israel’ – which includes the US/Israeli-sponsored terrorism keeping Assad busy as Israel poaches onto the Golan Heights, stealing Syrian oil, and a Police State – with a Total Surveillance program of Amerikans and other citizens so they can stay one step ahead of anyone getting sick of their little Police State.
    All this ‘hiding’ and ‘exposure’ is a Dog & Pony Show for a nation with a collective, room-temp IQ. Every European I spoke to KNEW the US and Israel did 9/11 from almost the get-go (strangely, many Dutch bough into The Lie – even when one of their noted scientists presented his findings on the thermite samples he’d collected from WTC dust, proving controlled demolition. Odd…).
    Stop following bullshit and FOLLOW THE MONEY.
    The ‘surveilling’ of DT and his campaign?
    Anyone ever hear of the US Constitution? Guess not. No one seems to ever stand up and say; “THIS IS 100% ILLEGAL”.
    Obama should be hung, along with Bush and Cheney – with Nuttyahoo. And about 500 other politicians and MSM.
    Don’t know what they’re so worried about, anyway. DT has now committed illegal Acts of War, and is openly giving aid and comfort to ‘the enemy’, which is treason.
    Business As Usual.
    What a mess. When this ‘goes’, is going to go really big.

  3. Unfortunately the ‘CIA’-Deep state will PREVENT & destroy anyone that TRIES to get THEIR MUPPETS ( Obama, the Clintons, SOROS, Abedin, Lynch, Rice, Holder, Lerner, Kosiken, McCain, ETC.) prosecuted or convicted. They have the experience going back to the mid 1950’s destroying & taking over countries…..NOW they are doing Europe & the U.S.
    THEY are the enemy within.

    • Nobody listened to Paul Revere, and now the enemy is here, right where we want him, now take him out.

      • …BUT the “CIA”-Deep State won’t ALLOW it because THEY are the REAL enemy. The muslims, Illegals & refugees are THEIR PROXY army.

  4. Who benefited from 911? Israel got the US Military to carry out THE GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT for them and the US ARMS MANUFACTURERS make billions. Millions have died and Iraq and Libya destroyed with Syria still being destroyed, and Iran the target of their next war. It’s time to round up the ZioCON/Communists who are behind all this evil.
    If Bush Sr had let Casper Weinberger go on trial and blown the lid off Iran/Contra, he would have been impeached. So he brought his Mena drug partner (Bill Clinton) in to be President. Now President Trump is caught up in a TURF WAR between the Clinton Crime Family (Comey) and the Bush Crime Family (Mueller) and, instead of the Clinton’s taking over the Bush/Clinton Crime Family with Hillary (Comey) like they planned, they’ve had to RE-UNITE against TRUMP using Mueller/Comey to save the Bush/Clinton crime family and try to stop President Trump from draining their “criminal” swamp. It’s just that simple.

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