I Cannot Wait for the Inevitable End of the Two-Party System in America

by Robert Carbery

The 2016 presidential election seems to have rocked the two party system. This corrupt way we run our country will inevitably collapse as it is unsustainable. The people are waking up and more Americans are becoming Independents on a daily basis, disgusted by the hypocrisy inherent in both major political parties.
Democrats were ridiculously confident in their ability to defeat the new Republican Party with Donald Trump as its face and they are only making matters worse since their defeat last November. The party of the left remains in shambles. Its leadership is nonexistent. Their donors are outraged. And the constant witch hunt over the nonexistent Russian collusion shows how inept they are and how obsessed the party is with ignoring reality. What the Dems stand for at this point is anyone’s guess.
The supposedly liberal party claims to fight for Americans’ liberties while furthering a destructive globalist agenda and kowtowing to its deep pocketed donors. But the Republicans are no different. They are far from the conservative party.

The Republican Party, despite having more power than it has had in some time, remains bitterly divided and have proven pathetic at governance in recent months. It is difficult to say what the party of the right stands for as well. They claim to be for small government while enacting and protecting big government policies. They say they are defending our liberties while they militarize our local police and intrude into our lives through the ever expanding surveillance state. They are against expansion of welfare, except when it comes to corporate welfare. It’s for comprehensive tax reform, except when it comes to protecting the loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy and the corporations. It’s for repealing and replacing the monstrosity that is Obamacare, except when it comes time to actually do it and they have the power and ability to do so.
There are no two parties in Washington DC. They are in it together. It’s all about power. It is the federal government vs. the people. Not Republicans vs. Democrats. Not conservatives vs. liberals. The two-party system is a sham. It was installed to centralize control of the country through the endless expansion of power in DC. However, in today’s Twitter-age, the elites are losing control as power is being given back to the people. Trump is our best chance to reverse this trend of useless partisan bickering. We have a chance to actually get something done here.
But the two-party system and its Deep State friends in DC have other plans. Will Trump even make it to 2020? Or will we witness an overthrow?
Voters are waking up to the depressing reality that the two parties do not stand for anything. Republicans and Democrats care about who has the money. They care about appeasing the immensely powerful Israel lobby, which in many ways runs this country. They get the votes they need to win their seats, wield their power, accumulate donations, then cash in. Taxpayer be damned!
We need term limits, for God’s sake!
Neither party cares about the working class, small business, or our God-given liberties. Politicians use divisive issues and spew overheated rhetoric to divide and distract the citizenry. Don’t let them get away with it anymore. They’re almost all crooked and lying through their teeth.
No wonder Americans are flocking to become Independents or Libertarians.

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6 thoughts on “I Cannot Wait for the Inevitable End of the Two-Party System in America

  1. I hope the 2-party system ends before 2020 (when they’ll make sure Hitlery steals the Dem nomination and Trump faces a successful binary challenge from George P. Bush or someone similar).
    Genuine conservatives (Ron Paul/Rand Paul) and genuine progressives (Bernie Sanders/Dennis Kucinich) can work together on some relevant issues (both want the wars to end, both want to abolish the Patriot Act and friends, both want to restore fair elections, both want to end the insane sanctions on Russia and Iran). Neither genuine conservatives nor genuine progressives can work with the tyrants that are prevalent in the 2 wings of the party of war and tyranny.
    However, realistically, I think the corporate media still control too much of the mindset of the people at large to give a 3rd party a chance (the midterms can be a good testing ground — can we get a few independent people elected to kick out useless D/R scum or at least make a significant showing?)
    How can a 3rd party take over if it’s simply not allowed into debates?
    Best to prepare for both ways: Prepare a good 3rd party we really want, and prevent the most criminal D/R crooks from winning their respective primaries at the same time.
    Another Bush or Clinton in the White House would certainly mean World War 3 if Trump’s bad advisors don’t beat them to it.

  2. MAGA party could win both houses and the states, with or without TRUMP!
    In the very first honest US election in history! LOL

  3. Hell yeah! Let’s establish a Euro-Nationalist, Alt-Right party. Libertarian party is a joke at this point and it died with Ron Paul. Only solution is on the radical Right.

  4. You have to get rid of secret elections to end the madness or they will just rigging the elections to stay in power for ever.

  5. The two-party system is intact and entrenched and the idea it will disappear is fantasy. The two existing parties have to be taken over from within. There IS no third party and the existing parties have a stranglehold on the political system.
    The existing power structure is not even in elective positions and can’t be removed!
    It consists of bureaucrats and powerful business interests operating behind the scenes. The retail politicians are just front people who can come and go with no effect on the actual power structure.
    People still have no clue what they are up against.

  6. The Problem with Being Independant is it stands for nothing. I totally agree but a better idea is make it a four party system, a Constitutionalist party that actually supports the Original constitution, a Republican and Democratic parties and a Socialist party out left for those Liberals that don’t want the corruption in the democratic party.

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