I got sick of seeing the media pretend that everyone hates Trump and love Biden, so I tallied up their social media followers to show which candidate actually has the support of the masses

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by SAT0725

I’m sick of politics but even more than that I’m sick of the media colluding to alter the perceptions of the public. If you listened to media reports, for example, you’d think everyone hates Trump and is super enthusiastic about Biden. You’d read claims that Biden “crushed Trump in the ratings again!” and on and on. Regardless of your politics, none of this is true. It’s simply not the case borne out by the actual facts (look at crowd sizes at rallies, for one thing).

Here, for example, are the total social media fans and followers of each candidate for president as of today, Oct. 20, 2020, on four of the major social media platforms:

  • Biden Facebook: 3.23 million fans, Trump Facebook: 30.34 million fans
  • Biden Instagram: 5.1 million, Trump Instagram: 22.7 million
  • Biden Twitter: 11.2 million, Trump Twitter: 87.3 million
  • Biden YouTube: 341,000 subscribers, Trump YouTube: 1.44 million subscribers

Total Biden: 19.87 million, Total Trump: 141.78 million

In other words, Trump has 7.14 times as many fans and followers on just these social channels alone as Biden does.

The number one criticism I get when pointing this out is “But Trump’s followers are probably fake!” So let’s give that argument the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say a full three-quarters of Trump’s fans and followers are fake. That still leaves him with 35.45 million — nearly TWICE as many as Biden.

Don’t listen to the media. There’s zero real enthusiasm for Biden. Trump has a huge base of support that Biden could only dream about. Biden is being propped up by someone or something, but it’s certainly not the masses.




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