NYPD Sees Nearly 90% Rise in Retirements… ‘There Is a Mass Exodus in Law Enforcement, Nationwide.’

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NYPD Sees Nearly 90% Rise in Retirements.

The New York City Police Department, the largest law enforcement force in the nation, has seen a nearly 90% rise in retirements so far in 2020, the NYPD told Fox News.

Around 2,400 officers filed for retirement as of Oct. 6, compared to around 1,300 during the same time frame in 2019, marking an 87% increase, an NYPD spokesperson told Fox.

Additionally, a total of 372 cops have resigned as of Oct. 6—five more than the same time frame in 2019, the NYPD told Fox.

“The NYPD has seen a surge in the number of officers filing for retirement,” the spokesperson said. “While the decision to retire is a personal one and can be attributed to a range of factors, it is a troubling trend that we are closely monitoring.”

The head of one of NYPD’s most prominent units, Chief of Patrol Fausto Pichardo, retired Tuesday after more than 20 years with the force, according to Fox.

The Police Benevolent Association, the largest law enforcement union in New York, blamed Pichardo’s decision on “elected officials” playing “political games” with the police force in a Wednesday tweet.

Previously on VodkaPundit: Brady White’s Cop Confessions 2: ‘There Is a Mass Exodus in Law Enforcement, Nationwide.’

Editor’s Note: “Brady White” is the pseudonym of an active-duty police officer. His first column — or rant, as he prefers to call it — came to me from a trusted source. Brady’s original “confession” struck a chord with PJ Media readers, particularly those in law enforcement, and it is with great pleasure that I’m able to publish his second column.

My name is “Brady White.” It’s not my real name but I am currently a police officer in a major city. If I were to write this under my real name I’d be reassigned, investigated, suspended, or possibly even fired.

I am taking on a risk by writing these columns. But the reason I do so is twofold: One, I can’t remain silent anymore and; two, because the public needs to know what the day-to-day front-line patrol officer deals with.

There is a mass exodus in law enforcement. Nationwide.

Read that again. Let it sink in.

Let me explain.

Every week men and women are leaving departments. Retirements, medical disability pensions, officers killed in the line of duty. But now people are also taking early retirements, leaving before they become vested in a pension system and going into another career field. Those who are vested in the pension system? Most are hanging on and counting down the days, weeks, months, and years. I’ve talked to many and they don’t blame anyone for getting out.




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