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Federal abuses on Obama’s watch represent a growing blight on his legacy.

It’s increasingly apparent that these recently exposed abuses of power served two ostensible purposes: to secure Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by shielding her from prosecution stemming from the use of her unauthorized private server, and to derail the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump.
But something else, something more profound, drove their efforts: their urgency to preserve what Obama once called “the fundamental transformation of the nation” — a grand project much bigger than Obama himself or any other single figure. He largely fulfilled the long-held progressive ambition of changing the nation’s course, only to see Trump threaten to change it once again: not to return it to where it was pre-Obama, but to smash the corrupt existing order that had made their progressive advances possible.
Obama and the leftist movement over which he has presided could not tolerate a reversal of their gains (by Trump, no less!), so they got to work.
On the offensive side, these Obama officials — who obviously loathe Trump, as demonstrated by the glaring antipathy in the Strzok–Page texts and others’ communications — set out to damage him. Trump, they thought, gave them much material with which to work, plus they enjoyed a compliant media that stood ready to amplify spoon-fed narratives, regardless of their veracity. The acquisition of multiple FISA warrants — now known to be largely based on an unverified dossier prepared by a foreign spy, using anonymous Russian and close Clinton associates and paid for by her campaign and the Democratic National Committee — to subvert and impair Trump and his associates, succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
On the defensive side, Herculean efforts were made by the Obama DOJ and FBI to stonewall the Clinton investigation, not out of any real love for Hillary but because they needed to ensure a Democratic win and the continuance of their “transformative” agenda. Further, with Clinton at the helm, evidence of all of their previous abuses would never see the light of day.

Weird how this stuff is getting more attention only now that Obama is safely out of office and Clinton doesn’t wield presidential powers.
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  1. Clarification….
    The DEEP STATE relied on the republican establishment to derail the trump candidacy. One by one their paid prostituted stooges failed. The DEEP STATE then sent the so-called republican leadership (Graham, McCain, McConnel, Ryan et al) to disqualify and de-legitimize the trump nomination. They could not.
    So next the Deep State called on the joint efforts of the Republican National Committee and the Democratic Party (including Citizen Obama), with their friends in the Main Stream Media, the Judiciary, the Military, the CIA, the NSA and Corporate America to stop and forestall the Trump ascendancy. They could not. Finally as a last gasp effort, they called on the power of the OFFICE of the President of the United States with the CIA, NSA and FBI to discredit, disturb and ultimately demolish an incoming president. They have failed.
    The truth is our government and the instruments of power are in the hands of a cabal (controlled by a very small banking oligarchy) that does not want to relinquish that power because they think it is their GOD given right to tell us how to live, what to spend, what to do and to always shut up.
    If you think this is just a democrat versus republican thing, then you need to revisit your history books.
    If you think this cabal is going to stop or give up, you really need to revisit your history books.

  2. But seeing as how bozo was just the ultimate patsy….who really cares about what he thought, what he did….and just how much he has damaged this country? Apparently everyone thought their Queen Hill would be president so they just plowed ahead with all their dirty criminal enterprises never thinking for a second they would have to face answers to some very hard questions….as they thought they would NEVER get caught. Yeah….some transparent presidency there bozo…..yeah some transparency my arse…

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