I just ran out to the Home Depot, haven’t been out in a month and here is what I saw

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This is SE Pa btw.

Most people, I would say 60-70% were masked up, 15-20% were wearing gloves…no one wearing goggles… granted, construction/contractor types are more likely to be prepared and informed than your typical grocery store/walmart crowd.

They had a queue with tape lines on the ground and they were only letting a few people in at once but when you got in there were a lot of people in the store.

They weren’t limiting how many people were in the store so I really don’t understand the reason for the line outside… made no sense.

I really wish I didn’t go now because they didn’t even have the 5800k flouro flood bulbs I needed for painting… it’s all LED now.


The second pic is me with my p-100 and goggles, the second selfie I’ve ever taken lol.






h/t BFD


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