Hospitals STILL Facing 2-Week Waits For Test Results! More health workers dying than official data suggests

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CHICAGO (CBS) — Doctors and patients are dealing with two week waits for COVID-19 test results at some smaller hospitals in Chicago.

St. Anthony Hospital, a small community hospital with only 18 beds for the acutely ill, now has 11 of its 18 intensive care unit beds occupied by patients who have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“We call it a level three disaster,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul. “It is overwhelming the system.”

Sahloul runs the ICU at St. Anthony with a team of other dedicated doctors and nurses. He says they are doing their best to save lives, but it’s a challenge when many of the black patients they are treating for coronavirus have underlying chronic illnesses. Plus, compared to non-minorities they come to the emergency room much later.

Coronavirus is killing far more US health workers than official data suggests

Challenges in collecting data, a patchwork of state tracking systems and patients who die at home mean the true toll of Covid-19 on US healthcare workers is unknown


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