North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Is Getting Some Pushback On Civil Liberties

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Backstory here.

UPDATE: From the comments: “To paraphrase and update Tom Wolfe, ‘The dark night of fascism is always descending on Americans due to the actions of Republicans and yet lands only in areas under Democratic Party control’.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Blowback for Gretchen Whitmer as Protesters Jam Downtown Lansing. The protest, called “Operation Gridlock,” involved thousands of cars descending on the Capitol.

Related: Michigan Gov. Whitmer faces fierce backlash over strict stay-at-home order. When NBC News reports that a Democrat is in trouble, you know they’re in trouble.

Plus, I love this:

“People always say: ‘Conservatives never protest because they are too busy working,’” the event page says. “Well, guess what. You’re not working — so it’s time to PROTEST.”




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