I Read The News So You Don’t Have To – Market News (Dec. 11, 2018)

by ogordained


  • Futures are up this morning following a call between the Chinese Vice Premier and the U.S. Treasury Secretary
  • Job openings are near record highs, passing seven million openings
    • ManufacturingHotel, & Restaurant workers are all in high demand
  • Small Business Sentiment continues to improve 
  • A congressional committee will grill Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai
  • The decline of shopping malls has been a boon to dollar stores
    • Stores targeting middle-income Americans have been losing customers and dollar stores have been picking them up
    • Dollar General and Dollar Tree are adding 1,000 stores a year and a recession could see further growth for them
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  • Theresa May postponed the Brexit vote after being advised she would lose significantly
    • Also, this moment highlighted the absurdity of the whole thing and brought me joy
  • Emmanuel Macron promised to raise the minimum wage in an effort to appease the yellow vestprotesters
  • Iran’s Revolutionary Guards confirmed the test of a ballistic missile earlier this month
  • A vote will be held today that could see the floatation of Dell on the public markets
  • The Indian Rupee crashed after the head of the central bank quit suddenly
    • India faces a large deficit but India’s Prime Minister wanted the central bank to ease monetary policy, basically to print money for him to spend during the election next year
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  • The worlds largest smartphone market has placed restrictions on the sale of iPhones
    • a preliminary court ruling said Apple violated patents held by Qualcomm for photo manipulation and touchscreens
    • imports of iPhones newer than the 6S will be halted unless Apple makes changes to the phones’ software




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