I Read The News So You Don’t Have To – Market News ( January 11, 2019)

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by ogordained


  • Futures are down slightly amid weak retail sales data and elevated recession fears
  • Inflation data due out today is expected to reveal prices softening, allowing the Fed to pause rate hikes
    • Despite increasing tariffs, the New York Fed thinks the aggregate consumer price index only rose by 0.3%
  • Today marks the 21st day of the government shutdown — tieing the record set in 1995
    • The S&P 500 is on pace to have its best performance during a shutdown
  • The US and China are set for another round of high-level trade talks in late January
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  • Canadian Building Permits surged in December (Actual 2.6% | Expected -0.5%)
  • The European Commission is investigating tax arrangement between Nike and the Netherlands
  • French Industrial Production experienced a sharp contraction (Actual -2.1% | Expected -0.2%)
  • Swedens New Industrial Orders are down 2.4%
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  • Another Huawei executive has been detained and charged with espionage
  • Chinese stocks capped their biggest weekly gains in two months

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