I think SNAP might be a trap. A SNAP Trap!

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by OrangesAreOrangeHa

I was ROCK HARD for SNAP options coming into today. Like ROCK.HARD. My mind was set, my erection was indestructible, and my margin was ready to get abused like a young girl on Jeffrey Epstein’s island. But my Spider Autism Sense started tingling right before I was about to buy some calls…

They slipped in this little article on Friday right into Yahoo Finance: finance.yahoo.com/news/data-shows-more-people-using-snap-to-advertise-184907743.html

This nonchalant little… no big deal… don’t make a headline of it because it’s cool, you’re cool, I’m cool, everyone is cool, very bullish article. They just let it linger over the weekend here and there and then buried it.

It’s hard to explain but imagine a girl wanted you to buy SNAP calls, this is the article they’d write and how they’d release it.

I’ve been listening to lots of Chat with Traders podcasts and they always talk about how the stock news can’t be trusted, can almost always be ignored and often you should do the opposite. I mean, the big boys already knew that bullish information in the article and the only reason you know it now is because they want you to.

Then the market for SNAP was strong today. Stronger than the average stock. And it’s strong AF in the AH. Everyone is zigging towards SNAP and when you notice everyone zigging, it’s time to start zagging away from SNAP.

Something is fishy here and I’m not talking about u/joco645 ‘s shrimp or u/Dangelo_mixtape ‘s vagina. So I’m flip-flopping on SNAP like Bernie Sanders flip-flopped on capitalism now that he got rich from that book he wrote.

Snap is a trap! It’s a trap!


Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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