I think the $1.7 Billion in Cash Flown to Iran Was Also a Massive Money Laundering Scheme Just Like Ukraine

by marxism_taking_over

Considering it’s now being Exposed that Certain U.S. Politicians and their Sons are in on the Ukraine IMF Laundering scheme:


In now makes sense to look into all IMF Loans and Cash Pay Outs like the $1.7 Billion in Cash sent to Iran, I think that’s also a MASSIVE Laundering operation I’m currently doing research on. I did find this article about it:


So then I was thinking about how Assange was given up by the new Ecuadorian President in exchange for a fat ass $4.2 Billion IMF loan over there as well:


So now I’m looking into which U.S. officials have connections, shell companies, nonforprofits, etc linked to Pres Lenin Moreno and IMF officials as well.

There’s a ton here that can be exposed and brought to light! DIG!


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