I Welcome the Metaverse

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by Chris Black

Everything is just so boring. 

Choice had been effectively taken away. You listen to what they tell you to listen to, because they give you no other option. 

Kids play a video game, not because it is good, but because “everyone” else is playing it. 

You watch a show now, because you don’t want to be the one person who didn’t watch it. Not because it is quality entertainment, but you might miss out on the social interaction of talking about it later, since there is almost zero social interaction left.

There used to be a wide variety of places to shop. 

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Now there are only a handful, with the exact same merchandise everywhere. 

The meritocracy also leads to the monopoly in business. Why should there be another store that can take profit from the big guy?

It used to be fun to go out, to explore new places. 

But now everything is the same, filled with completely inept people. 

What is worth doing now costs so much, that only the wealthy really care to do it.

So, I welcome the Matrix.


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