The Covidians and the Cult of Covid-19 Will Never Listen to Reason

by Chris Black

 They have been brainwashed by the leadership, and will kill for the cause.

Things I’ve actually heard from people I know:

“Every breakthrough case is from a vaccinated person coming into contact with an unvaccintated person.”


Uh, you take a vaccine so you won’t get infected. It is to protect you. If you get sick from what the vaccine is supposed to protect you from, it didn’t work.

“You don’t get the vaccine to protect yourself, you get it to protect other people from you.”

The absurdity of that statement is unbelievable. Because apparently anyone unvaccinated is an immediate danger . But if everyone is vaccinated, then nobody will get sick because everyone is protecting everyone else.  

“The drug companies wouldn’t lie about side effects and effectiveness.”

I actually almost died laughing.

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“Doctors saying that the vaccine can have side effects are not real doctors.”

So they didn’t go to medical school, pass exams, and complete their train gin to get that MD next to their name?

“Your body has no defense against Covid. If you get it you will go to the hospital and you will die.”

So we don’t have an immune system and the 99.7% survival rate is made up?

“The vaccine might kill some people, but Covid will kill more people. So it doesn’t matter.”

What about, if it will only save one life, we must do it. Even if it means giving up our freedom.

“If we didn’t create vaccines, then everybody on Earth would have already died from things like the Spanish Flu.”

So nobody lived before vaccines were invented? There was no vaccine for the Spanish Flu.


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