IBM-Q : Cloud based quantum computing! (IBM reports that there are over 80,000 users of the IBM Q Experience)

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Published on Dec 14, 2017

In May 2016, IBM launched the IBM Q Experience,[3] with a five qubit quantum processor and matching simulator connected in a star shaped pattern, which users could only interact with through the quantum composer, with a limited set of two-qubit interactions, and a user guide that assumed background in linear algebra.

In July 2016, IBM launched the IBM Q Experience community forum.

In January 2017, IBM made a number of additions to the IBM Q Experience,[4] including increasing the set of two-qubit interactions available on the five qubit quantum processor, expanding the simulator to custom topologies up to twenty qubits, and allowing users to interact with the device and simulator using quantum assembly language code.

In March 2017, IBM released Qiskit[5] to enable users to more easily write code and run experiments on the quantum processor and simulator, as well as introduced a user guide for beginners.

In May 2017, IBM made an additional 16 qubit processor available on the IBM Q Experience.[6]

In January 2018, IBM launched a quantum awards program, which it hosts on the IBM Q Experience. [7]


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