If dems win congress and white house, it is the end of free America

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by alien123

If the Democrats win the White House, and Congress (House and Senate), it will be the end of a free USA.

Just like the Affordable Health Care Act, they will pass:

  • free university education for all
  • forgiving all existing college loans
  • forgiving all credit card debt
  • universal basic income
  • free health care for all
  • free child care
  • the Green New Deal
  • expanding Welfare & Social Security
  • personal income limits
  • open borders
  • 100% taxes
  • 100% death taxes (can’t inherit from your parents)

they will spend all the money and bankrupt the country.

in order to prevent the wealthy from leaving the country, they will restrict people from leaving. and then your freedom will be gone along with your country, and the country will be de facto communist.




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