If this happens, gas will reach $10 average by the end of June…

by AC

MAJOR HURRICANE headed for a concentrated region of oil refineries

I posted about this yesterday and the track has not shifted. The latest GFS model shows this hurricane losing a small amount of strength going over the Yucatan Peninsula, but if it get’s through between Cuba and the Peninsula, we are in for a major disaster.

Yesterday’s GFS model had this reaching a CAT 4, today’s model has the landfall 1 day later and reaching a CAT 2.

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The real problem here is the fact that this is on track to hit right where the US has the highest concentration of oil refineries. Sound like a recipe for disaster? It is…if the current track holds up and this thing gains even more strength. we have some serious problems.

GFS model at landfall:

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Oil refinery map:

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