SEC unveils plan to overhaul stock trading due to GME/AMC run last year. Looks like it could kill commission free trading.

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by gargeug

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After the GME/AMC run last year the SEC has decided to overhaul PFOF. This is how companies like RobinHood, TDAmeritrade and Etrade are able to offer commission free trading. In a nutshell, they intend to shut it down.

Out of one corner of their mouth they are claiming it is for our own good, that our orders are not being fulfilled at the best price because they are able to go to wholesale brokers directly rather than putting them up for auction. This allows them to make a fractional cent of money off each trade, which adds up enough to allow them to offer commission free trading.

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Out of the other corner of their mouth I am hearing that this could put commission free trading out of reach, shutting down the entire business model that allow it to exist. This would drastically tamp down on retail’s ability to trade so much, which could make the markets less volatile.

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