If Trump is an idiot, why do CNN and The Guardian feel the need to lie about feeding fish?

The thing that bugs me is how dishonest it is. I was listening to the radio and they were talking about this, making it sound like he’s an idiot bla bla bla, so I was thinking, okay sure, he fucked this up but it’s probably not a huge deal… but then I got to my computer and looked into it.. and it’s not even close to the truth. They had been feeding the Koi with spoons, near the end of the clip when food in the box was running low, Abe went first and dumped the rest of his box, and then Trump followed suit and dumped the remainder of what was in his box in the water. That’s it, that’s the truth, that’s what happened.
CNN is pushing an agenda… Make Trump look Stupid.
It’s not working, they are losing viewers by the 10’s and that’s 50% of their market.
I just want unbiased Facts coated with a little doom (cause that’s why we are here) I get more news here than the major outlets, what’s that say about them ?
Washington Examiner: CNN, others spread honest-to-goodness fake news about Trump’s Japan visit

Anti-Trump fervor in the press has birthed many instances of sloppy, shoddy and downright dishonest journalism, but a story this week alleging the president behaved boorishly during a ceremony in Japan is so far the most egregious example of intentionally deceptive reporting since the Jan. 20 inauguration.
Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met this weekend in Tokyo to discuss trade and the growing threat of a nuclear-capable North Korea.

On Monday, the two visited the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, where they were both given boxes of fish food for the traditional feeding of the palace’s koi fish. The president and the prime minister both spooned in their feed a little at a time. Abe then dumped the rest of his box into the pond. Trump followed suit, spooning in just a little at first, and then dumping out the remnants of his box.
Simple enough stuff. There’s no way this gets reported incorrectly, right? Wrong. The simple act of feeding the palace’s koi fish somehow became a fake news event in the U.S. this week, and we have CNN and a handful of others in the press to thank for that.
CNN published a headline Monday morning that read, “Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into koi pond.”
That story included a tweet from CNN reporter Veronica Rocha, who wrote, “President Trump feeds fish with PM Shinzo Abe in Japan, then pours the entire box of food into the koi pond.”

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