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MEGAN FOX: Fake News Corrections Prove That Big Media Reporters Didn’t Watch Johnny Depp Trial.

Proving that corporate media is lazy and stupid, a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter at the Los Angeles Times, Richard Winton, reported a Jason Momoa joke meme as real news. “At one point, actor Jason Momoa, star of ‘Aquaman,’ testified via live video in support [of] his co-star Heard,” he wrote. “Without prompting, he said, ‘Hi, Camille,’ to Depp’s high-profile litigator, Camille Vasquez, a rising star in Orange County legal circles who quickly became the star of the trial as much as Depp and Heard.”

The problem is that Momoa did not testify at the trial. Winton would have known this if he actually watched the proceeding — which a reporter reporting on it should do. Instead, Winton got his news about the trial from TikTok and social media where this meme was making the rounds. Obviously, this is not real. It’s a “dub” video. This is the definition of fake news.

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