If You’re a Christian, Read and Share This Article

by Chris Black

80% of the $180 million in Department of Homeland grants for religious entities is snatched up by Jewish groups (2% of the population).

They are now asking $360 million. They will probably get it.

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Many of these Synagogues end up embezzling the security grants, as seen in the case of the Poway shooting, where the Rabbi pocketed it.

One the largest attacks on a house of worship in recent memory, the Sutherland Springs church shooting (27 dead, 22 injured), did not loosen up these funds for more equal distribution to protect Christian worship. Instead, the attack was memory holed and forgotten.

This is due to a lack of political representation, which Jews enjoy. If your primary identity is that of a Christian, Republicans aren’t interested in protecting you, only suckering you out of money.


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