Impeachment May Lead To Another October Stock Market Crash…. Mark Levin: Republicans Must ‘Make The Democrats Pay A Price’

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The stock market’s most dangerous month begins today, and I’m going to tell you what is likely to happen that will make this October potentially the most dangerous of them all.

Another October stock market crash as in 1907, 1929, 1987 or the near-crash in 1989?

I can’t predict that. But I can predict that what’s about to happen in Washington will keep investors awake at night. And if your financial adviser doesn’t have a clue as to what I’m going to tell you, get a new adviser.

I predicted months ago that the Democrats would have to ramp up their attacks on President Trump as we got closer to the time when a report would be released by Justice Department Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz.

That report, years in the making, will probably contain a lot of devastating details about dirty tricks that the Democrats and their sympathizers in the FBI and the CIA pulled on then-candidate Trump.

It will also likely show a lot of the things that were done to the campaign of candidate Bernie Sanders by those who were trying to rig the Democratic nomination and the presidential election itself in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Bad things happened, some of which I picked up in this column when they were going on in the summer of 2016. For instance, I reported back then that the FBI investigations of Clinton’s missing emails were a joke and that then-FBI director James Comey didn’t have strong internal support for not indicting her, as he claimed.

It’s likely that people will be criminally charged shortly by a grand jury that is said to now be impaneled in Connecticut.

All of these developments could happen very soon. And I sense that the Democrats know this — and I’m told by a reliable source that the Dems have already seen some of the allegations. This is behind the sudden, intense push for the quick impeachment of Trump.

Just so you know, impeachment is a hollow threat.

The House, which is controlled by the Democrats, can vote to impeach Trump without any real justification. But the impeachment trial would take place in the Senate, where the Republicans have control.

And even if a show trial were to take place, the Democrats would put many of their own leaders in grave jeopardy of being questioned about past bad acts.

The impeachment effort that’s going on right now is a diversion — an attempt by the Democrats to get in front of the very bad things that are about to be released by Attorney General William Barr that are based on the findings of Horowitz.

If the fall of 2008 was any indication, an “unexpectedly” high number of Democratic Party operatives with bylines view that prospect as a feature.

MARK LEVIN: Republicans must ‘make the Democrats pay a price’ for Pelosi’s ‘hijacked’ impeachment process.

This is the first time there hasn’t been a vote on the House floor respecting an impeachment inquiry of a president of the United States, where all members’ votes are recorded,” Levin explained.

“There’s a reason every member is to vote: So you know, on the record, all over the country, where your member of Congress stands. So Nancy Pelosi has violated the tradition and the process that is used for impeachment inquiries involving presidents in this country,” Levin said. “And what has she done? She’s hijacked the process.”

“She is the most fascistic speaker of the House we have ever had,” Levin concluded of Pelosi.

If the jackboot fits…

Trump Now Saying It’s a COUP

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