Incentives, not bullying, are the way to get vax-hesitant to take the jabs

Vaccine hesitancy remains widespread in the land. Government can and should help combat it, but with rational incentives — not bullying and mandates.

Many Americans don’t want the vaccines. Their reasons vary. Some are afraid they’re dangerous. Others are young and healthy and figure they aren’t at much risk. Still others are wary of the elite institutions pushing vaccination. These institutions have only themselves to blame, what with their high-handed censorship and brazen flip-flops (remember when any public gatherings would invite a COVID holocaust, except Black Lives Matter riots, which were deemed positively mandatory by health bureaucrats?).

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The establishment’s response to this resistance is to tighten the screws with mandates and vaccine passports, combined with condescending assurances about the vaccines’ safety. But if officials want people to take those assurances seriously, they should pass laws that will make people whole in the (very rare) cases they’re injured by the vaccines.


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