Insane MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance Says the Left May Have to “Fight” Their Trump-Supporting Neighbors

MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance defined Republicans as an “insurgency,” comparing them to multiple terror organizations and suggesting they’d have to be fought to prevent them from “killing” their neighbors.

Nance’s explicit calls for a war against Republicans came during a recent episode of the MSNBC talk show “Zerlina,” in which he was promoting his book, “They Want to Kill Americans: The Militias, Terrorists, and Deranged Ideology of the Trump Insurgency.”

Just a normal day over at MSNBC.

He began by claiming “30% of the population of the United States” fall under the umbrella of “white extremism,” as evidenced by the events of January 6th.

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“To characterize that, to understand what kind of terrorism we might be dealing with, you have to label it as white extremism because we have 30% of the population of the United States who no longer believe in the democratic norms that we established in the founding of the country,” Nance explained.

“A year and a half ago, when I was calling this an insurgency, people were saying, ‘That’s crazy. This isn’t an insurgency. This isn’t like Iraq. It’s not like Libya. It’s not like Syria,’” he continued. “Well, it is. And it’s well on its way.”

He then suggested Republicans and Trump voters will have to be fought before they kill their neighbors.


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