Interesting Poll in Louisiana: Trump versus Oprah Matchup- 36% of Blacks in Louisiana would vote for President Trump

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While I have a healthy skepticism toward all polls involving President Trump, I found this one interesting.
In Oprah vs. Trump match-up, Louisiana voters have clear favorite, poll finds

In a hypothetical election match-up between President Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey, Louisiana voters overwhelmingly favor the Republican president over the meditap dancerul, a new poll shows.
Winfrey, a 63-year-old Mississippi native, has recently sparked speculation that she might challenge Trump in the 2020 — ignited by a recent speech she gave at the Golden Globes. The speculation has prompted national polls that have generally painted a mixed picture of Winfrey’s level of support.
But the Louisiana voter poll, conducted by the University of New Orleans last week and released on Tuesday, found 60 percent of respondents said given the two options, they would pick Trump. About a third of respondents said they would vote for Oprah, while 7 percent said they were undecided.
The really interesting part of the poll results was not covered in the above newspaper article:
The poll’s racial breakdown paints a familiar portrait. Among African-American voters, Winfrey has a considerable lead with 59 percent backing her candidacy. That being said, a sizeable proportion of blacks, 36 percent, say they would vote for Trump. Among whites, the gap in support between Winfrey and Trump is even larger. Whites are over three times more likely to report they will vote for Trump over Winfrey. Non-black minorities are also more likely to be in Trump’s camp.

The youngest cohort of blacks are more likely to report they would vote for Trump over Winfrey.
When looking at how education influences candidate preference for blacks and whites, the poll reveals there is an educational divide in candidate preference among blacks in Louisiana. Black college graduates are more supportive of Trump while blacks with some college or no college overwhelmingly favor Winfrey’s candidacy.
Is the black community waking up to the fact that the Democrat party really doesn’t have their best interests at heart?
Some additional details from the poll:
Blacks aged 18-34 – 53% say they would vote for President Trump
Black males – 48% say they would vote for President Trump
Black college graduates – 53% say they would vote for President Trump
Donald Trump’s Support Among Blacks Has Doubled Since 2016, Amid Racism Claims

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3 thoughts on “Interesting Poll in Louisiana: Trump versus Oprah Matchup- 36% of Blacks in Louisiana would vote for President Trump

  1. Poor blacks would suffer under Oprah just like they did under Obama, hope they are wiser now for their own sake? The democrats just use them for voting fodder and the republicans should also care for the middle class and the poor, with no more wars for the rich. The only thing that matters now is the American people.

  2. Oprah is Hollywod elite. The elite love to talk about how “multicultural” they are but they would never allow an unscripted guest on their shows that actually espoused the values of most poor people anywhere on the planet.
    Those who reject her do so for the same reasons most white people are sick of Nancy Pelosi.

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