Inventory of unsold houses is exploding across many US cities

by silvertomars

The US average is up +25% YoY, admittedly from low levels, but several cities are now recording +100% YoY growth in active listings… Phoenix +177%…

Meanwhile, unsold housing inventory in Las Vegas…


Housing supply in the US is growing rapidly… the speed of inventory growth the last 6 months has only been exceeded in 1990, 2006, 2007 and 2010… yes, the growth comes from low levels, but at this pace it quickly builds up…

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The Fed will raise rates to 5% to get a grip on inflation, Deutsche Bank says

After blowing yet another insane housing bubble and pricing millions out of decent housing, the Keynesian fraudsters at the Fed have finally stopped their MBS purchases – years too late. Look out below, f**ked borrowers who overpaid for a house.

The Fed Stopped Buying MBS Today.

The purpose of MBS purchases was to repress mortgage rates and inflate home prices. That process has already started to reverse.


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