Investigation: Trump Administration Hit With at Least One National Security Leak a Day, Threatening U.S. Operations.

by Pamela Williams
This is getting serious, and it is no way to play politics.  Of course, I suspect the Intelligence Agency or the Deep State, they should be called.  This just proves to me, the Deep State is seeking to destroy Trump at the expense of the United States and National Security.  It is hard to comprehend; nevertheless, it is happening.
“Since President Trump assumed office, our nation has faced an unprecedented wave of potentially damaging leaks of information,” according to a new report published by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.
“Under President Trump, leaks are flowing at the rate of one a day,” according to the report, which notes that “under President Trump’s predecessors, leaks of national security information were relatively rare.”
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This has to stop, but how?  How do you make someone or some parties care about the National Security of their own Country?  How do you force an agency like the FBI to care about the flow of classified documents throughout the world?  How do you force an agency like the FBI to stop creating evidence of Trump/Russia collusion when there is none in reality?
How do you force a Political Party to respect the voting choice for President by WE THE PEOPLE?  How do you save the United States from enemies within like Mainstream Media?
These leaks, often of highly classified national security information, are meant to undermine President Donald Trump’s administration and handicap his national security apparatus, according to sources inside and outside the White House familiar with the situation.
According to the report:
“The Trump administration faced 125 leaked stories—one leak a day—containing information that is potentially damaging to national security under the standards laid out in a 2009 Executive Order signed by President Barack Obama,” according to the report, which examined open-source material published during the first months of the Trump administration.
The investigations discovered at least “125 stories with leaked information potentially damaging to national security,” according to the report, which states that “even a narrow search revealed leaks of comparable information during the Trump administration that were about seven times higher than the same period during the two previous administrations.”
“President Trump and his administration have faced apparent leaks on nearly a daily basis, potentially imperiling national security at a time of growing threats at home and abroad,” the report states. “The commander-in-chief needs to be able to effectively manage U.S. security, intelligence operations and foreign relations without worrying that his most private meetings, calls and deliberations will be outed for the entire world to see.”
The unauthorized disclosures ranged from information about Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election to intimate conversations Trump had with foreign leaders inside the White House. Other articles includes classified information about U.S. operations against terror organizations abroad.
The Senate committee notes that all such disclosures are punishable by jail time under federal law.
The majority of these leaks, at least 78, concerned Russia and a possible probe into alleged collusion between a Trump official and Moscow, according to the investigation.
“Other leaks disclosed potentially sensitive intelligence on U.S. adversaries or possible military plans against them,” the report notes. “One leak, about the investigation of a terrorist attack, caused a diplomatic incident between the United States and a close ally.”
“Leaked stories appeared in 18 news outlets, sourced to virtually every possible permutation of anonymous current and former U.S. officials, some clearly from the intelligence community,” the report found. “One story cited more than two dozen anonymous sources.”
Just about all of the stories including unauthorized leaks targeted Trump directly or those in his administration.
“In contrast, only half of the stories leaked during the comparable period of the Obama administration were about President Obama or his administration; the other half concerned President Bush and his anti-terrorism tactics,” the report found
Enough is enough!  This has to stop now!  The following was taken from:

Published on Jun 12, 2017
Latest News : WATCH: Trump’s Lawyer Just Went on Live TV and Revealed James Comey’s Worst Nightmare.
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President Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow responded on Live TV about allegations made under oath by former FBI director Comey.
I have no idea what the context of that call was or was going to be. And I can’t speculate on that. But I would say at the outset, George, and you raised this, the issue of the leak from James Comey to his friend at Columbia Law School, that was ultimately leaked to The New York Times, is unprecedented.
I mean, I want everyone to be thinking about this. The current — then current FBI director took contemporaneous notes, put them on a form, used government facilities to do that. If an FBI agent does that, they usually fill out a form 302.
Could you imagine what would happen if an FBI agent then leaked that form 302 out to The New York Times, what the allegations would be? So this was an unprecedented move. And Preet mentioned the issue of executive privilege. The president and the administration wasn’t — they did not invoke executive privilege on this hearing, but on these documents they didn’t know what the contents were.
The president said he is going to address the issue of the tapes, whether the tapes exist or not, next week. That’s a decision that the president will make in consultation with his chief lawyer Marc Kasowitz, and that the president said he’ll address it next week.
But here’s the one thing that’s clear, right now what do you have? A leaked memo that was leaked to The Washington Post, allegedly because he read in The New York Times or he read the tweet, but yet, you know, what’s also interesting is, much of the content of what appeared to be in that memorandum was actually in The New York Times the day before.
And then James Comey made this statement, which I find also troubling. He said he issued the release or the disclosure, or I would say, leak of the information through his friend, not even directly, through his friend in order to draw a special counsel. And the next day he got one.

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13 thoughts on “Investigation: Trump Administration Hit With at Least One National Security Leak a Day, Threatening U.S. Operations.”

  1. The New York Times and Washington Post in particular are very much in question regarding its source(s). See why and understand why an investigation of U.S. intelligence agencies need not necessarily reveal any media leaking… Ed Snowden revealed NSA collected raw data is made available unfiltered to Israel see: James Bamford,Israel’s N.S.A. Scandal ,NY Times, Sept
    14, 2014, and Glenn Greenwald, NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data, The Guardian, Sept.11, 2013. Now, ask yourself, what country in the world would do such a stupid thing? In the hands of a foreign power, how much is that information worth to those willing to pay? When Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov recently visited President Trump at the White House, the Washington Post widely distributed a leak of the private meeting involving Israel. The source of that information was Israel–but how did it know in the first place what was being said in the Oval Office..? Now ask yourself again, who is listening to Americans’ private conversations and is capable of selectively feeding American media with “leaks”? Any guesses?

    • Honestly, I have to say I cannot name any names, except I know Comey is a leaker. I attribute all the infractions against the Trump administration to the CIA/DEEP STATE. I think the CIA is the deep state period.

  2. Excellent article Pamela. Might add it was odd that the head of the FBI used fear based words to explain his state of emotions or mind, like nauseous, etc.
    What all this information also reveals is Trump is dangerously alone. Can’t trust Mossad Jared Kushner for sure. This story of our president’s trials and challenges reads like some Tom Clancy screenplay.
    I am not of the mind that he was some setup NWO guy. I think he was given “The Talk” after taking office.
    Perhaps taken to a room an shown the real JFK murder film. Perhaps “persuaded” with a clear articulation of what would happen to his familly should he not follow orders. Whatever it was, this certainly is not “candidate” Trump now is it??

    • EJ, thank you, and you said it well. This is an unprecedented historical time. I pray President can endure the pressure he is under, as it is remarkable to me he is still able to move forward. He is definitely a strong man, but he nor any man is strong enough to face what he has been exposed to. I think you are right. He had the talk after being inaugurated, and he is working under circumstances he did not anticipate. He is gutsy and self-confident…if not, for that, he probably would have resigned.

    • Chuck, I do call all of these leaks not only threats, like the leak in Yemen in which our Special Forces was set up. We lost one. They knew those guys were coming, and they were ready for them. That was because of a leak.


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