Investors Are SELLING Stocks Right Now in 2019! Here’s Exactly Why Stocks Are Rising.

Seems like stock buybacks are really working wonders for the markets. Not to mention that insane level of QE that has flooded the system. Strong and robust economy? Or a dying economy supported by every possible method of stimulus?


If the economy was strong and the markets were doing well, why do we need such excessive QE levels and near record low interest rates?


Investors have actually been selling equities. They’ve been holding cash. A lot of it. But the U.S. stock market has risen quite a bit this year. So who exactly bought the shares? Well it seems that stock buybacks are one major reason why the market has risen. Over $1 trillion of stock buybacks took place in 2018 alone, preventing stocks from entering a bear market for a prolonged period. What will 2019 look like?


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Paul Tudor Jones says there’s a ‘mania’ in share buybacks, worries about ‘social consequences’

Stock buyback binge will accelerate in 2019, despite Schumer, Sanders attack – MarketWatch

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stock buybacks total for 2019 – Google Search

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