Investors in breached software firm SolarWinds traded $280 million in stock days before hack was revealed

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Top investors in SolarWinds, the Texas-based company whose software was breached in a major Russian cyberattack, sold millions of dollars in stock in the days before the intrusion was revealed.

The timing of the trades raises questions about whether the investors used inside information to avoid major losses related to the attack. SolarWinds’s share price has plunged roughly 22 percent since the company disclosed its role in the breach Sunday night.

On Dec. 8, the cybersecurity firm FireEye announced that hackers had broken into its servers and stolen sensitive security-testing tools as part of a breach they’d discovered in recent weeks. FireEye determined by Friday that SolarWinds’ updates had been corrupted and contacted the company shortly after, according to people familiar with the matter.

A SolarWinds spokesman declined to discuss timing or answer further questions about the trades.


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