IRS defies Trumps Health Insurance EO and no one makes a peep. Trump said they can't force us to answer Q but they are doing it anyway.

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IRS extorts millions from poor people by threatening to delay refunds.
IRS is going to steal 600 dollars from me as I live just below the federal poverty line.
No one is even talking about how the IRS is openly defying Trump’s EO. Not even Trump.
Here is their official statement.
“IRS Statement on Health Care Reporting Requirement
For the 2018 filing season, the IRS- will not accept electronically filed tax returns where the taxpayer does not address the health coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act.- The IRS will not accept the electronic tax return until the taxpayer indicates whether they had coverage, had an exemption or will make a shared responsibility payment. In addition, returns filed on paper that do not address the health coverage requirements may be suspended pending the receipt of additional information and any refunds may be delayed.”
Last year, just after Trump’s EO, the IRS was all “okay, you don’t have to answer.”
Now this year, quietly in with no resistance from Trump or anyone whatsoever, new story.
The EO does not specify year at all. And, last year the IRS played along and did not require.
It looks like this was all a bug fucking PR game with Trump.
If you read the IRS 2018 statement, you can see, they never were requiring to answer the question to begin with. And my guess is they weren’t allowed to until this year.
“Taxpayers remain obligated to follow the law and pay what they may owe at the point of filing-. The 2018 filing season is the first time the IRS will not accept tax returns that omit this information. After a review of our process and discussions with the National Taxpayer Advocate, the IRS has determined identifying omissions and requiring taxpayers to provide health coverage information at the point of filing makes it easier for the taxpayer to successfully file a tax return and minimizes related refund delays.”
So, now that all the hoopla and noise and PR has died down,they just go ahead with the original plan and get one last money grab before the new tax law kicks in.

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3 thoughts on “IRS defies Trumps Health Insurance EO and no one makes a peep. Trump said they can't force us to answer Q but they are doing it anyway.

  1. To bad no will report on who and what the ir s really is. A Puerto Rico privately owned trust and a division of the Im f. They are not a gov agency. case law. They are the collection agency for the fe d who can delete the digits from the system to keep the fraudulent fractional banking system in power. How else could they print trillions every year and not have hyperinflation?

      • Bingo. How is it that Americans don’t understand any of this. It isn’t that complicated. Now take it a step further. Who was behind the implementation of the FED and the IRS. The JQ is staring everyone right in the face.

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