Is anyone else brimming with anger and stress lately, and can’t stop?

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by AluminumTrees

I’ve gotten to a point where I feel like I’m constantly brimming with anger and stress, and can’t help but feel like that’s one of “their” goals.

I’m living paycheck to paycheck with my partner barely staying afloat. I have some time for hobbies but no energy to do anything other than browse my phone during my free time. The stress absolutely engulfs me.

WHY would they want it to be this way? Everyone I know under 35 is either living with their parents, or paying grossly inflated rent living paycheck to paycheck.

I cannot imagine a whole life of this. This world is so sick and I feel like I’m sick by proxy.

Up until the pandemic, I felt like all this anger and dissatisfaction wasn’t at the surface. Sure I was still depressed but I feel like I just completely lost everything in the pandemic- my motivation, my ability to get away from stress and have fun once in a while, any shred of happiness.

See also  3 times now in the last 5 days hedge funds have been called out for receiving the vast majority of their repo financing in the non-centrally cleared market, where haircuts or initial margin requirements are not necessarily applied and that this might create greater risk in times of stress. Why?

The illusion of hope is crushed in the dust for me and I know it’ll never be seen again. I just hope I can get “myself” back one day.. all I wish is that I could have mental energy to create art, study something new, or take a hike without having these horrible truths on the world weighing on me constantly.


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