Is Social Media Facing a Near Extinction Level Event?

by Chris Black

On Sunday, CNN aired an interview with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, one of the big-tech God Emperors of the Social Media Universe, who appeared as a weak and fragile pencil-neck nerd, who desperately tried to simulate having a human conscience. I am not kidding, just watch the interview for yourself. During the interview, Jack admitted (for the first time I reckon) that his company’s employees have a left-wing bias. No shit Jack, who would’ve thought? And by the way, why is that, since the country is half Conservative? What happened to “diversity is our strength”? Or diversity is good only in terms of color, not ideas?



What a shocker, isn’t it? However, this pathetic little man claimed that despite his company’s admitted left wing bias, Twitter operates in a neutral manner, as his employees are in full control of their political ideology and emotions . Right, right. Tell us more of your bullshit Jack.


Remember Project Veritas?




Just like Facebook, Twitter is a cesspool of leftist scum and villainy, to quote from classics. Big tech’s so-called liberal(a bastardization of the word) bias is not debatable, but blatantly obvious. Project Veritas proved to the whole world that tin-foilers like Alex Jones are 100 percent correct. At least sometimes.



President Trump seems pretty much aware of all this extravaganza and I expect the hammer to fall on big tech any time now.

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During the CNN interview, Jack said that Twitter is rethinking its core functions as a social media platform, and revealed some of the changes they’re thinking about. Why? Well, because the Trump MAGA agenda is so popular, see, and his message resonates with too many people. Okay, he didn’t actually said that, but that’s the real reason behind the “changes”. Which, in my view, will destroy Twitter for good.


What Jack wants to do is to make irrelevant how many followers or likes one has on Twitter, retweets, responses one gets and so on and so forth. Why? Because nobody cares what CNN’s Chris Cuomo or whomever is tweeting about. And even fewer people care about what Stelter is tweeting. See where this is going, right? Private people tweeting from their laptop in the bedroom are way more popular than billion dollar corporation pundits on social media. And that’s a no-no procedure, boy. Jack admitted in his interview that they’re  considering hiding the follower accounts and even removing the “like” button.


Why is Twitter caving to pressure now? It’s pretty simple: because 10 years ago, Jack Dorsey’s popularity was AstroTurfed and funded with big money from the legacy media to make him what he is today: part of the “mainstream” social media platforms. And now, when peasants like you and me have been dominating on these platforms and destroying the MSM narrative using memes and what not, they’re now scrambling trying to shut us all down.


What the tech companies are revealing these days is really worse than bias.  Pedophile whistle blowers are having videos removed on YouTube. PayPal has shut down accounts when supporters tried to help these people who have been stalked in the past to get to safe places.  It is right out there in the open and yet people tell themselves something less frightening is happening.


However, I really think the hammer will fall down hard:





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