Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation? (This one is worth your time) $400M to $2Billion to IRS

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This is a good breakdown on the specifics.
Open in a new window and listen!

John Huber never showed up!
The two guys are “bounty hunters” that investigate fraud of non-profits. They do thins for a living. They audited the Clinton Foundation for whistle blower reward monies, so the reward would be based on a MINIMUM of $400M

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They had to send the info THREE times to the FBI! Meaning the FBI knew this was a hot potato and hoped it went away.

Their part begins at 1:30:00

The CF has not disclosed donors on IRS form 990 Schefule C – Political campaign and lobbying activity – going back to 1997. Turns out that the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund donated to the CF and James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Chief Justice John Roberts, Judge Amy Berman Jackson and others on the Mueller team had investments in Fidelity that should have led to recusal according to DOJ rules.

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16 min into video




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