Is the Lottery Rigged? Did you know Epstein won 29.3 Million Lump Sum (after taxes) in Oklahoma’s Powerball lottery, July 2, 2008?

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A financial planning company based in Oklahoma City received $29.2 million on Monday on behalf of the Zorro Trust, which held the winning ticket from the July 2 drawing.

The Daily Oklahoman, 26 Aug 2008: Trust keeps Powerball winner a mystery. Only Lottery Commission knows who is now $29.3 million richer. A financial planning company based in Oklahoma City received $29.3 million Monday on behalf of the Zorro Trust, which held the winning ticket from the July 2 drawing.

There was also a computer malfunction that pre-empted the televised broadcast of the Sunday draw, and instead the drawing was held later and monitored by an auditing firm.

The Daily article discloses: Trusts shield the winner or winners from public scrutiny. “We were hopeful that they would come in, but as time passed, we know they were going to form a trust,” Finks said. Instead, the July 2nd ticket of $29.3 million was paid out to a mysterious financial planning company, “Zorro Trust”. Coincidentally, on July 1st, 2008, Epstein also started to serve his 18-month jail term in Florida as Inmate No. W35755.

So is Zorro Trust actually Jeffrey Epstein?

Zorror Trust, Jeffrey Epstein and Brice Gordon

Albuquerque Journal, 04 Sep 1994Zorro Trust is headed by Jeffrey Epstein of New York City, who, King said planned to form Zorro Ranch. Epstein couldn’t be reached for comment.

A public notice in the New Mexico Environment Department Ground Water Quality Bureau, had a listing for Zorro Ranch with a principal contact , Brice M. Gordon, the Ranch Manager and the manager of Zorro Trust, with an associated e-mail address of

Zorro Development Corporation is a privately held company in New York, NY, with a SIC Code “8741, Management Services”, and lists Brice Gordon as a Principal in a company that “employs a staff of approximately 2.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s, “New Mexico” spread in his black book identifies a column as Epstein, JeffreyZorro Ranch, with a phone listing for Brice & Karen. The very same Brice M. Gordon, who is a manager of Zorro Trust.

The link between Jeffrey Epstein and Zorro Trust is very apparent, so the question that begs asking. Did Jeffrey Epstein receive $29.3 million in the form of an anonymous trust from the Oklahoma Powerball Lottery? And why did it happen after July 1st, 2008, just as Epstein started to serve his 18-month jail term in Florida?

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot Larry Visoski and his deposition

The second page of Larry Visoski’s deposition seems to make reference to the Powerball winnings as well.

Mr Edwards: The Zorro Trust winning an 85 million dollar—claiming the ticket for 85 million dollar Powerball ticket in 2008.

Jeffrey Epstein, his ties to the Office of Foreign Missions and Bill Clinton

Itwas reported in the Daily News, 23 Dec 1997, that a veritable “small castle” located on 34 East 69th Street, in Manhattan was rented out to Jeffrey Epstein by the US State Department in 1992 for $15,000 a month. In November 1996, the feds sued Epstein and Fisher. Later, an eviction order was served on July 16, 1998 and the marshal noted on the service receipt that the tenants had moved out.

The voluminous court documents in the federal case that started in Nov 1996, and saw court appearances in 1998, between Jeffrey Epstein and the United States, revealed that Richard C. Massey, an official from the Office of Foreign Missions was Jeffrey Epstein’s point of contact for his lease.

The Office of Foreign Missions has a mandate to “serve the foreign diplomatic community residing in the United States ensuring that all diplomatic benefits, privileges, and immunities would be properly exercised in accordance with federal laws.” One can only wonder why the OMF would rent a building to Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire sex offender.

On April 19, 1996, Epstein had a telephone call with the United States Department of State’s Office of Foreign Missions. The recorded details reveal that, “In 1992, OFM entered into a two-year lease with Epstein, to run from February 1, 1992 through January 31, 1994. The agreed rent was $15,000 per month. Pursuant to the lease’s Use Clause, only Epstein, his family, servants, or approved subtenants or assignees could occupy the premises.” On August 28, 1992, OFM and Epstein extended the lease for three more years, to January 31, 1997.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton

Ifyou trace the dates when Jeffrey Epstein donated money to political candidates, it’s worth taking note, that on January 30, 1992, Epstein donated one payment of $1,000.00 to Bill Clinton. On February 1st, 1992, Jeffrey moved into his new palatial digs on 34 East 69th Street, through a deal that stemmed from within the Office of Foreign Missions.

Surely all coincidences? Citizen journalists would like to know.

Here a Ponzi scheme, there a Ponzi scheme

Steven Hoffenberg, a mentor to Jeffrey Epstein was also involved in a giant Ponzi scheme. Jeffrey Epstein is also listed as an interested party in the $1.4 billion dollar Ponzi Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler case as well, so it’s truly amazing how Epstein is always one degree of separation from the “world’s largest Ponzi schemes”.

Vanity Fair reports: Steven Hoffenberg, pleaded guilty to cheating investors out of $460 million in 1995 — at the time, the largest Ponzi scheme ever. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and, after his release in 2013, began sounding the alarm on Epstein, who had worked at Hoffenberg’s Towers Financial Corporation after leaving Bear Stearns. He claimed that Epstein had been his co-conspirator in the scheme and that Epstein’s fortune was built on Towers Financial’s fraud. “He was great at moving money illegally,” Hoffenberg says. “He was the deeper architect to getting things accomplished.”

Hoffenberg still owes his victims some $1 billion in restitution, and in 2016 he sued Epstein to recover some of the money. (He eventually dropped the suit.) Last year, two victims brought a suit against Epstein making the same claims as Hoffenberg but voluntarily dismissed the suit two months later.

“You’re about to see an entire story about this supposed billionaire and the story about his financial empire, which is as big as the tragedy with the girls,” Hoffenberg says. “It’s billions of dollars, and it’s a fiasco.”

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