The Unsealed Epstein Documents in 3 separate PDF Files

by rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiippp


If you all want some summaries of these three files, I’ll give it a shot, but I can tell you it will take me a few days. They are pretty dense.

In a nutshell:

The first link is Giuffre’s Respone to Maxwell’s Motion for Summary Judgment. Quick glance: we’ve got a few pictures (including the famous picture w/ the perverted “Royal”), we’ve got some shots of some message pads, and we’ve got quite of lot of new information. This is also much legal rationale which I will not go into. Summarizing this first link will probably take me a day or two.

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The second link is a collection of exhibits (haven’t yet determined which filing these collections of exhibits NN et seq. are part of, but a quick glance shows some emails relating to some Australian aspects (these probably relate to the “escape” from Thailand we learned about in other depositions) as well as some more deposition excerpts. These will be more easily summarized. Maybe only a day for those.

The third link is a copy of the formerly sealed Court’s Opinion Denying Maxwell’s Motion for Summary Judgment (the date of the Sealed Opinion, here now UNsealed, appears to be March 22, 2017.) This will be another difficult summary, due to the nature of legal rationale, and I really don’t want to have to do a formal brief, but I will try to get to the crux of it in layman’s terms, and include whatever might be of general interest.

All in all, we have about 200 pages in these three links. I’ll give a stab at it and try to have something for you within 24 hours (will probably do the link #2 first, as that one has little “legalese” and is more easily digested.)

So, check back about this time tomorrow and I’ll have some bones for you pick.

Wish me luck.



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