Is the Rise of LGBTQ Part of the Decline & Fall of the West?

by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: What do you think about Target now selling books on this transgender stuff for even first graders? This has gone full circle from recognizing their rights to pushing their influential anti-religion on everyone else. We should boycott Target like Bud from what I see.


ANSWER: This has indeed gone from equal rights to denying civil and religious rights of everyone else. Target rolled out its Pride collection offering over 2,000 products, including books for kids aged 2–8 with titles like “Pride 1,2,3,” “Bye Bye, Binary,” and “I’m Not a Girl.” Target also suggested “The Pronoun Book” to kids aged 0–3.

If they wanted to crucify Epstein as a pedophile for having girls 16 and 17, which are legal ages in Europe and Asia, they do not even teach sex education at such a tender young age. Barbie and Ken dolls did not have genitalia. So now showing child pornography is prison time but not books like these teaching sex to pre-puberty children?

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I am just glad I am not raising kids today. I would agree to not shop at Target and I would no longer take my children to Disney.

It is one thing to discriminate against LGBTQ, and another to promote it shoving it down children’s throats at such a young age. This is all going too far and instead of promoting equal rights, it is severely dividing the country offending the religious rights of others. How about we teach atheism in first grade that there is no God and it is all fiction? Would that be acceptable? The world has really gone insane. Civilization works ONLY when everyone benefits – not but by dividing it into groups and pitting them against each other.

The Christians were persecuted BECAUSE they refused to respect the beliefs of others. When Rome started to fall, they were persecuted because the Romans thought they offended the gods by refusing to show any respect for other religions. From a historical perspective, this LGBTQ movement is no longer about inclusion and equal rights. This becomes a movement that has no respect for other people’s religious beliefs and is promoting their beliefs and forcing them upon everyone else. This is clearly offending the First Amendment and is courting our own demise.

I fear when the History of the Decline & Fall of Western Civilization is written, as our computer is projecting, there will be an equal parallel to the religious divisions that also tore Rome apart. We are becoming so divided, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to stand together as one nation or society. During the 1840s, gun battles were taking place even on the streets of Philadelphia between Catholics and Protestants. We are messing around with a tinder box. This is feeling into the cycle of our demise for 2032.


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