Obesity Industrial Complex pushes junk food on children so they grow up to become pharmaceutical junkies

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by: Ethan Huff

Image: Obesity Industrial Complex pushes junk food on children so they grow up to become pharmaceutical junkies

(Natural News) People might be living longer today on average than they did centuries ago, but does a longer life mean a healthier life? The answer to that question is a resounding no, and the reason has to do with the machinations of the Obesity Industrial Complex.

In a recent episode of “Breaking Points,” journalist James Li presented evidence to show that the food industry is conspiring with the pharmaceutical industry, the media, medicine and the government to keep everyone fat, sick and ultimately addicted to pharmaceutical drugs.

America’s obesity epidemic seems to get worse every year to the point that even very young children are blowing up like balloons before they even reach puberty. This sets them on track for a lifetime of illness and drug use, not to mention the newfound transgender craze that lures them into mutilation and debauchery as well.

According to the “authorities,” the nation’s fatness problem has nothing to do with unhealthy dietary and lifestyle norms. Instead, it is all genetic, we are told – but this is false.

“The message from the mainstream media is pretty simple: obesity is a disease, take a drug – but that’s not the whole story,” Li said about the lies of the Obesity Industrial Complex.

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Too much sugar and not enough fiber a driving force behind obesity epidemic

Back in the 1950s, obesity was “almost nonexistent,” the data shows. In another seven years, though, it is projected to affect 50 percent of the population, meaning every other person will soon be too fat for his or her own good.


“Unless the human race experienced some kind of quantum leap in genetics, there must be something else we’re doing that is destroying our metabolic health,” Li said.

After perusing the work of Big Pharma consultant-turned-whistleblower Calley Means, Li came to the conclusion that the two major driving factors behind the modern obesity crisis is too much sugar and not enough fiber in people’s diets.

It is obviously a little more complicated than this, i.e., high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) sugar derived from genetically modified (GMO) corn is much more unhealthy than simple table sugar derived from the cane. Still, Li’s assessment is generally correct.

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Food manufacturers lace gobs of sugar in all its many forms in processed foods that they then push on children, creating both addiction and a litany of health problems that later get treated with pharmaceuticals and surgery.

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The average child today consumes 100 times more sugar than the average child did 100 years ago – and it shows.

“If you are a food industry executive – bonus is on the line, shareholders demanding astronomical growth quarter after quarter – what do you do to get a leg up on your competitor?” Li asked his viewers in the segment.

“Well, you add sugar to your products to make them more addictive so people buy yours and not your competitors’ and then they try to one-up you and all of a sudden sugar is everywhere.”

Fiber, according to the Mayo Clinic, is necessary for healthy weight maintenance. It also helps lower a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer – but it is largely devoid from the modern food supply.

Data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that just five percent of the population consumes a baseline level of fiber every day. At the same time, processed foods are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, lacking fiber, protein and other important sustenance.

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