Is there any BENEFIT to vaccines at all? Death rates very similar in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated regions

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by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) Raw data on Covid-19 mortality, obtained from John Hopkins University, shows that Covid-19 death rates are similar in the vaccinated and unvaccinated regions. This data does not include deaths from vaccination. Since the beginning of 2021, South Africa has vaccinated 0.3 percent of their population. Israel, on the other hand, has instituted a medical police state that forces people to vaccinate as a precondition to participate in society.

By using tyrannical vaccine passports, Israel has coerced over 55 percent of their population to participate in experimental vaccine trials in a short amount of time. Israel’s Covid-19 death rate has improved since the beginning of the year, but so has South Africa’s Covid-19 death rate. Are the vaccine programs a complete waste of time, energy and money?

Heavily vaccinated Israel currently has same mortality rate as unvaccinated South Africa

Despite spending billions of dollars on vaccines, human tracking technology, and vaccine compliance propaganda, Israel continues to experience similar trends in Covid-19 mortality as South Africa. In fact, the death rate per million in Israel is higher now than it was at any time in the country between March and September of 2020.

Strangely enough, the death rate per million people from January 5, 2021 to March 29, 2021 is similar for both Israel and South Africa. While the death rate per million was higher in South Africa at the start of the year, the rolling seven-day average has fallen tremendously in just three months, at a faster rate than the heavily vaccinated country of Israel. The death rate for both countries is currently about the same, hovering at less than two people per million.

The fatal flaw of Covid-19 mortality and case data

Of course, any reference to “Covid-19 death numbers” are inherently inaccurate, unreliable and fraudulent because a Covid-19 diagnosis is based on non-specific symptom observation and is fraudulently confirmed using high cycle PCR tests that are prone to false positives. In some cases, false positives are as high as 97 percent, as confirmed by a Portuguese court. Most of the Covid tests that were approved by regulatory agencies in 2020 amplify non-infectious virus material, do not determine viral load, and are used as false evidence to illegally quarantine healthy people.

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In fact, the late Tanzanian President John Magufuli ran the Covid test on a goat and a papaya. Both tested positive for Covid-19 because the cycle count for the PCR test is intentionally designed to drive up the number of positive cases.

The drop in case numbers and deaths attributed to Covid-19 in 2021 could simply be the result of stricter PCR testing standards that are being implemented in 2021. The World Health Organization issued new guidance on Covid-19 tests in January 2021, instructing laboratories to run fewer cycles to prevent false positives. The ideal number of cycles is 17, but only a few governments have been transparent about the number of cycles used in their Covid tests. Due to this medical fraud, many different types of viral infection have been falsely classified as Covid-19 since the start of the so-called pandemic. This is evidenced by the drop-off in flu cases over the past two flu seasons. In the 2019-2020 flu season, there were approximately 38 million flu cases. In the 2020-2021 flu season, there were only 1,822 recorded flu cases.

Death rate could increase because of the vaccines

The existence of widespread medical fraud does not mean there won’t be people dying from respiratory infections in the upcoming months and years. The death rate for infectious disease could easily go up. Because health authorities are ignoring the issue of pathogenic priming with coronavirus vaccines, there could be new waves of death that make current statistics meaningless. While thousands of deaths post-vaccination are now classified as death by “natural causes,” medical authorities will not be able to ignore the wave of deaths that are the result of pathogenic priming from routine Covid vaccination and subsequent exposure to coronaviruses.

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These deaths may not appear on Covid-19 mortality charts, but they are still significant as hospitals deal with populations that are perpetually immune-compromised from vaccines and drugs. Moreover, a vaccine campaign this aggressive will inevitably put pressure on coronaviruses to survive, causing mutations that put everyone at risk. As a result, Covid variants are already appearing in the wild.

Of course, medical authorities will blame the unvaccinated population for causing these ongoing death waves, when it’s really the vaccinated shedding the virus and spurring mutations. Medical authorities will demand that vaccine passports be installed to curtail “vaccine resistance.

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Healthy, free, unvaccinated people with functioning immune systems will continue to be segregated, discriminated and socially isolated. This medical tyranny and hysteria will never correct the underlying health issues that cause people to die from infections in the first place. Populations cannot vaccinate their way out of immune deficiency.

This medical police state will never correct the fraud and deceit that is suppressing lives, causing misery and leading people to their death, and it will never solve the current health crises taking place in medical systems around the world, no matter how far the truth is distorted.

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