Lumber Prices are Up 250% in the last 3 months

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by SUPER_swan

This weekend I went and bought some Plywood for the house. I couldn’t believe how much I had to pay for some simple 2’x4’s.

The price has gone up by 250% in just the last few months. With the housing boom happening and everyone trying to remodel their house I see this continuing on for a while.

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Is anyone else noticing this and trying to take advantage of it?

The two lumber stocks I found are Weyerhaeuser(WY) and Rayonier (RYN) both of the stocks are up slightly but don’t seem outrageous in terms of evaluations.

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You can see WY doesn’t have a crazy evaluation. It also peaked in 2007 during the last housing boom.

Is anyone else noticing this shortage?



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