ISIS Leaders Renouncing Allegiance To Leader al-Baghdadi! President Trump Will Kick ISIS A..!

by Pamela Williams
An ISIS leader, along with his men, have reportedly renounced his allegiance to the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the city of Mosul after receiving information about his death. There is a question of al-Baghdadi’s death, as a rumor has spread of the possibility of his killing by US forces. However, it cannot be confirmed, and it seems to appear and then die down. I believe that he must be dead, as it seems he would appear to his followers to prove to them he is still alive.
Abu Abdullah al-Shami, who is fighting in Mosul with a group of his special forces renounced the allegiance to al-Baghdadi, arguing that the allegiance to an invisible man is invalid. Shami has also stated that Baghdadi has lost his capacity and power over Mosul, therefore he is no longer considered a leader of the ISIS organization. So if the United States can use this platform to work from at this time, we should be able to make some progress. I would think you need to divide and conquer, and right now you are seeing division.
Further good news is several more ISIL commanders in Nineveh province declared that they have broken allegiance with their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a bid to show their opposition to the suicide attacks of the terrorist group, informed security sources disclosed. “A number of ISIL commanders have brought to a halt the terrorist group’s suicide attacks after breaking their allegiance with their leader in Nineveh province,” the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed security source as saying on Sunday. Further the source said the rift is widening among all of the ISIS commanders!
It seems the Iraqi forces are making leaps and bounds against ISIS to a point it is depressing the commanders. The Mayor of Iraqi city of Mosul said that there are currently only four to seven districts left to declare Eastern Mosul free from ISIL militants. Hussein al-Hajem made the announcement in a statement as field reports said the Iraqi forces has come closer to victory over the extremist group in half of the city.
And in Syria, the Syrian Army is making progress in the fight against ISIS. They have driven the terrorists ISIL out of more positions near Al-Seen Airbase. This is a huge development and an important one, as an airbase is a strategic site and must be protected.
Damascus: Syrian Army Drives ISIL out of More Positions near Al-Seen Airbase
The army helicopters meanwhile pounded terrorists’ concentration centers in the town of al-Moqayer and its surroundings in Western Damascus. In relevant developments in the province on Saturday, the army soldiers stormed ISIL’s gatherings and movements and took full control over al-Emarati farm to the East of al-Seen airbase, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying five vehicles. The army units also managed to seize control of several positions East of the airbase, including Mansour 1 and 2.
Syria is doing a good job in defending itself, but if Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency, she would be in progress of toppling Assad…just to create another vacuum for ISIS to take over.
Praise God Assad is till in power and defending his country against ISIS.
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard just got back from Syria, and she said we should not be backing any rebels, as they are terrorists. The people of Syria do not understand why Obama and Hillary have done that.
But I know that Tulsi met with Trump, and they will work together to help the Syrian people.

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1 thought on “ISIS Leaders Renouncing Allegiance To Leader al-Baghdadi! President Trump Will Kick ISIS A..!”

  1. You mean they’re renouncing their Jewish Mossad leader, Elliot Shimon?
    THAT al-Baghdadi?
    FYI for those that haven’t figured this out yet? It’s ALL bullshit. It’s just Jews/Rothschilds and Amerika/Obama that want Assad gone. Syria – like all the other countries we invavded – HAS NO ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANK.
    And for those not paying attention, Russia became a ‘bad guy’ when Putin kicked out the Rothschild bank, sucking the nation dry.
    If not, go watch ‘All Wars Are Bankers Wars’. Then you’ll get it.


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