Under President Obama Political Correctness Kept Americans Quiet – President Trump Asks Americans To Speak Up – It Is Now Or Never!

by Pamela Williams
Under Obama, Americans were denied protection from terrorism, because Obama denied terrorism existed. Obama made the statement there had been ” no “large scale” terrorist attacks on the United States since he became president. Do you know when he said this? The statement came less than six weeks after the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon, which killed 5 people, injured 280 people (including 16 police officers), and forced the city to shut down while police conducted a door-to-door search for the terrorists. Let me ask you, America, was that a terrorist attack?
Obama’s refusal to call attacks like the above “radical Islamic terrorism” has emboldened the Islamic jihadist movement and has caused their evil expansion and growth. Now that President Trump is speaking up and identifying the bloody attacks as “terror attacks,” those who seek to destroy this Country are coming out of the woodwork against him. Honestly, I knew the invasion was vast, but I had no idea it was this vast.
The inhabitants of this war against President Trump and his Administration were born from the Obama Presidency. Obama was the “inside job” to destroy the United States of America. He slithered his way into the Presidency, and while there welcomed others that slithered their way into the heart and soul of our Country. Deception swept over the populace as the haters of the Land of Liberty pillaged our Nation’s Capitol. It fell, and although we could see it falling, we were gagged and bound by our own disbelief.
Now that we are getting another chance at saving our Country, it seems the residue of the Obama regime has covered everything we touch. How do we cleanse this Country of these hard hitting thugs, who are literally ripping away at our survival? I don’t see how President Trump, his family, and his team can see their way through the darkness that is encompassing this Land. It seems everything that Trump is doing to clean up this Obama infestation of slithering snakes, is being railed against by those who seek to destroy us.
Since January 2009, 32 terrorist attacks within the United States have resulted in 83 fatalities and 402 injuries. These are considered terrorist attacks based on the declared political/religious motivations of the attackers and/or the attackers’ affiliations with organizations and/or individuals advocating politically-motivated violence. Of these 31 attacks, President Obama has:

  • acknowledged three as terrorism,
  • has described one as possibly terrorist-related or possibly workplace-related,
  • has described one as workplace violence (a description placing limitations on services for the military casualties in this case),
  • has condemned 14 others as acts of violence,  and he
  • has called one other a tragedy.
Do you see how we have been deceived, and the OBAMA LIBERALS danced in streets of our Capitol to their own music.  It was not our music, and we have to silence it now.  That is what President Trump is trying to do by the immigration ban.  He is just trying to gain control of those coming into our Country…it is not a Muslim ban!  There is a ban against travel to the U.S. from seven of the highest risk countries for terrorist activity. It isn’t President Trump’s fault all seven of those countries happen to be almost entirely Islamic.  No one cares about the United States of America as President Trump does, and it pains me that so many are turning against him.
Lets talk about the actual terrorists attacks which occurred under Obama.  Here is a list:


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1. Binghamton, New York — May, 2009
Taliban chief claims responsibility for N.Y. shooting massacre.
2. Bronx, New York — May, 2009
FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane
3. Little Rock, Arkansas — June, 2009
Shooting at military recruiting center; 1 dead, 1 wounded; suspect is anti-military Muslim convert
4. New York and Colorado – September 21, 2009
Three men were arrested and charged in the ongoing terror probe centered around New York and Colorado. The three men are Najibullah Zazi, 24; his father Mohammed Wali Zazi, 53; and Ahmad Wais Afzali, 37. When authorities searched Zazi’s car, they found a laptop computer that contained “a jpeg image of nine-pages of handwritten notes. Zazi had connections to high levels of al Qaeda.
5. Dallas, Texas — September 22, 2009
A 19-year-old Jordanian man, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, was arrested on charges he intended to bomb a downtown Dallas skyscraper. Smadi placed what he believed to be a car bomb outside the 60-story Fountain Place office tower, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas. The decoy device was given to him by an undercover FBI agent.
6. Fort Hood, Texas — November, 2009
Fort Hood massacre: Major Hasan killed 13 service men and women and wounded over 40 others. He has been linked to al-Qaeda.
7. Detroit, Michigan – December, 2009
Northwest 253 passengers tell of thwarted Detroit terror attack.
8. May, 1st, 2010 United States New York City, New York
United States New York’s Times Square was evacuated after the discovery of a car bomb.[235] en.wikipedia.org
9. Thwarted attack in November 2010 by ‘Christmas tree bomber’
Mohamed Osman Mohamud is accused of plotting to bomb a Portland, Ore., Christmas tree lighting ceremony. www.csmonitor.com
10. Frankfort, Germany United States Military base, March 2011
Islamist terrorists attacked US military base killing two US soldiers. abcnews.go.com
11. New York and DC, September 9, 2011
Islamic terrorists threaten to attack on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. Both cities on ‘high alert’ as ‘a specific, credible threat’ targets New York and Washington. www.foxnews.com

One more attack and Obama’s response:

Omar Mateen called the cops to pledge his fealty to ISIS as he was carrying out his mass murder in Orlando. Twelve hours later, the president of the United States declared that “we have no definitive assessment on the motivation” of Omar Mateen but that “we know he was a person filled with hate.”
So I guess the president thinks Mateen didn’t mean it?
Here again, and horribly, we have an unmistakable indication that Obama finds it astonishingly easy to divorce himself from a reality he doesn’t like — the reality of the Islamist terror war against the United States and how it is moving to our shores in the form of lone-wolf attacks.

In conclusion, we need to respect President Trump, and we need to thank God he is trying to clean up the mess he found our Country in.  He inherited a politically correct stifled America, and he will free this Country if we only trust him to do his job. 


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  1. Under Obama the government committed crime and Obama talked and smiled and lied, under Trump the government commits the same crime and Trump also talks, lies but doesn’t smile.

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    FACEBOOK is a PUBLIC SPACE therefore it has no right or legal option to censor participants. FACEBOOK is a PUBLICLY TRADED company, NOT a “private entity” and it solicits PUBLIC memberships.
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    The same applies to ALL “social media”, YOUTUBE, and search engines.


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