Israel and Syria are at war right now – Before, it was just distractions and lies to bomb Syria. Now, it is blatantly just bombing them for no reason.

Israel is the bully. We all should take this very seriously. I’m tired of the the U.S being the employee as Israel remains the company. We succeeded from Britian, won ww1, won ww2 to have been taken over by a foreign power without one shot fired. They literally own us. They point their finger and we do it.

Israel Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria as Regional Tensions Mount… 

Israel’s military carried out strikes against Iranian targets in Syria after it said Iranian forces based there fired rockets at its soldiers in the Golan Heights, raising the risk of a wider regional war just a day after President Donald Trumpwithdrew the U.S. from the international nuclear deal with Tehran.

Iran’s attack in the Golan appears to be the first time Iran has opened fire from Syria on Israeli targets. The Israeli military said dozens of Iranian military sites across southern and central Syria were struck. The…

Israel and syria are at war right now (updates)


● So far we can say that this is the biggest clash between Syria and Israel since 1974

● Israeli Army Spokesman: About 20 projectiles were fired by the Iranian Qods Force at Israel’s forward defensive line in the Golan Heights. Missile defense systems carried out several interceptions. No injuries.

● IDF Spokesperson: We see this as an Iranian attack and are treating it seriously.

● Israeli military says they are currently targeting Iranian targets within Syria.

● Military airports, weapons depots, missile defense systems and radars among some of the targets said to have been destroyed by Israeli forces tonight in Syria. Number of casualties unknown. Now awaits if Iran will further choose to respond.

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● More than 50 targets were struck in Syria by the IDF – it is one of the largest air force operations done in recent years.


● Video of projectiles being launched from Syria toward Israeli targets moments ago. Sirens have sounded in the Golan Heights. Explosions also heard in the Golan region in the past few minutes.

● First footage of explosions hitting Israeli positions in Golan. Warning sirens are active and civilians have been instructed to go to bomb shelters.

● Incredible footage of a possible missile interception over the skies of Damascus.

● First footage of new round of Syrian rocket launches against Israeli held Golan in response to Israel’s strikes on Syria.

● Photos from Damascus tonight. Mostly quite now after 4 straight hours of Israeli bombing Iranian infrastructure in Syria on an unprecedented scale. Sunrise soon.

Timeline (descending)

● SAA or IRGC, used static single-use MRLS, Israel targeted them after the fired but the other side lost nothing

● Reports of more Israeli strikes on Hadar in Qunaitra

● Heavy Israeli shelling on regime positions in Quneitra now: Baath city, Tel Ahmar & Amal Farms all hit in the past several minutes.

● Again, hearing sounds of very powerful explosions in Quneitra and Damascus countryside. Looks like more Israel Aggression.

● Israeli Air Force now active over Lebanon

● SANA: AA units are actively firing upon a fresh wave of Israeli missiles over Syria.


● Renewed Israeli artillery shelling on Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra Syria

● Syrian air defenses now firing around Damascus again.

● Huge explosions heard in northern Israel again

● Patriot missile launched near Safed in the Upper Galilee

● New wave of Israeli missiles over Damascus city

● Mezzeh airbase has been reportedly hit by an Israeli rocket

● Syrian Air Defense now engaging with enemy targets around Homs city in central Syria

● Reports that the Israelis have start launching Patriot missiles, because the Iron Dome has failed to shoot down Syrian missiles.

● Israel strikes 2 military airports in Syria : Khalkhala & Balli

● IDF spokesperson says Israel is currently taking action against Iranian targets within Syria, any attempt by the Assad regime to interfere with the operations will be confronted with severity.

● Iranian casualties reported in Damascus.

● Explosion in Hezbollah occupied Qusayr Village in Syria: Local Reports

● Israeli missiles have destroyed a radar, Syrian state media says

● (MAP) IDF illustration showing 35 sites Israel bombed in Syria tonight including Iranian targets & Syrian regime anti-aircraft batteries. “We warned the Syrian Army to stay out of this,” IDF Spokesman said.


Déjà Vu: Trump already warned us back in 2013 that war hawk assholes will scam Americans into war to die for Israel

And just like that, Israel has reason to attack Iran after months of attacking them for no reason other than provoke a response.

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