It is getting worse: San Fran requires Full Vaccine for restaurants and bars… Philly Mayor orders the Unvaccinated to wear double masks… Vaccine required to fly?

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San Francisco will require proof of full vaccination for restaurants, bars, and gyms

Vaccine to drink on Bourbon Street…

Philly Mayor orders the Unvaccinated to wear double masks!

The city will now require masks indoors at all locations unless vaccinations are required for everyone. Masks will also be required at all outdoor, unseated gatherings of more than 1,000 people.

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For indoor dining, masks will be required unless the restaurant requires proof of vaccination for patrons and staff. There are no changes for outdoor dining, which can continue unrestricted.


“I’m upset,” Kenney said.


The mayor expressed frustration that the new mandates are needed because 30% of the city has not been vaccinated.


“This amazes me that this is the most simple thing to do to keep yourself safe and your family safe and your community safe and people still refuse to do it,” Kenney said. Starting Sept. 1, all city employees will be required to be fully vaccinated if they work inside or be double-masked.

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Vaccine required to fly?


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