Italy bans Freemasons from cabinet minister positions

Italy bans Freemasons from cabinet minister positions

Italian Freemasons are freaking out over this.


Anti-establishment and far-right parties began haggling over who will be Italy’s next prime minister after publishing a joint policy programme on Friday that brought the eurozone’s third largest economy a step closer to a populist government.
The political deadlock brought about by March’s inconclusive elections neared its end after the plan’s unveiling by the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League party.
The programme promises the end of post-crisis austerity measures and seeks deep change in relations with the European Union.
In a Facebook video, Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio said that the programme had received an approval rating of more than 94 percent after it was put to party members for a vote on M5S’ online platform.
“Of the 44,796 people who voted, 42,274 voted in favour of the programme, more that 94 percent,” said a beaming Di Maio, who hailed the “outstanding result” as a show of “trust and enthusiasm” for the new programme.
The League will also offer a vote to anyone who visits the party stands which are to be put up across the country over the weekend.




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