WOW! This Country’s Gold Reserves Could Top Germany’s Gold Reserves!

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by The Wealth Watchman of The Wealth Watchman

Gold is Still Sought by Kings!

Hello brothers, on the docket today is a country that just won’t stop buying up gold, each and every month! We discuss:

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  • Who this country is, and how much gold they just bought in the month of April…
  • How many tonnes of gold they’ve bought in the last calendar year, and how high their total gold reserve tally currently stands…
  • The Leader who has ordered gold to be bought, as a national security platform plank, and where he could take his people’s gold reserves by the end of his next Presidential term…
  • How this country could soon overtake Germany as the 2nd largest holder of gold on earth, and why their gold is more important than either the US or German hoard…
  • The final legacy this leader will pass on to his people, when his last term in office is through…
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