Italy’s Crumbling Economy! – Is The BIG Recession Coming?

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the crashing Italian economy as many warn of an impending recession.
Italy’s manufacturing sector continues to fall at a rapid rate hitting lows on a monthly basis. With its subservience to the European Union dragging them down and manipulating their markets dramatically as well as completely crazy central planning within the country, there’s no doubt that Europe’s third largest economy is on the brink of disaster.
John breaks down the stats on Italy as the everything bubble worldwide begins to pop. This is the kind of madness that’s been going on for centuries and Italy’s no stranger to it. They’ve seen the rise and fall of their country’s economy on countless occasions as well as several times in the last century alone. With major bailouts and one of the world’s oldest banking systems, you’d think people would have learned by now. But people simply do not understand money and for that reason fall prey to these massive syndicates over and over again.
World wide we are seeing the end of a system and it won’t be easy but it needs to happen sooner than later. The more it’s put off, the worse it will be. You must be self sufficient, financially responsible and independent of the system. You must educate yourself, rule yourself and decentralize everything. There are more solutions than problems, you just have to understand money and control your own money so your money doesn’t control you.

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