U.S Government just confirmed the existence and use of military tribunals in Gitmo!

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Well, well, well. It’s finally out in the open.

The U.S. Department of Defense posted a press release announcing the invitation of Alternate Media to cover military commission pre-trial proceedings (military tribunal) at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo)!

Main Stream Media was not and will not be invited!



IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Military Commissions Media Invitation Announced for United States v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al.

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In a preview of bigger and better shows to come, the Department of Defense and the Office of Military Commissions will allocate seats for news media aboard military-chartered aircraft for travel from Joint Base Andrews to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay to cover military commission pre-trial proceedings scheduled for United States v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad et al., Jan 28 to Feb. 1.

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Travel is scheduled to originate at Joint Base Andrews, Saturday, Jan. 26 and return from Guantanamo Bay to Andrews, Saturday, Feb. 2.


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